Recap: Lucha Underground s4ep21 "Ultima Lucha Cuartro - night 1"

Show poster for Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Cuatro. The poster features a red background with Aztec symbols and gold text reading "Mask vs Mask". Son of Havock (white luchador wearing a vest, jeans, and a mask obscuring the top half of his face) and Killshot  (black luchador with a mask over the top half of his face with a bullseye on it) - are facing off in the foreground.

By: E. Young

Well, well, well. We finally made it to Ultima Lucha Cuatro! We’ve been promised bloodshed, mayhem, death, and most importantly: lucha! Here is the point where all story lines of the season come to a head and new rivalries begin… you know, like a PPV except free.

This season has been a wild ride after a lightning quick start to some interesting twists in the middle. Oh, and carnage. But you might ask: this was Halloween, did anything spooky happen?

And the answer to that is…

… No! Let’s get started!

The Previously, on Lucha Underground 30 second wrap up shoves as much of the season as it can, assuming you didn’t watch the Halloween marathon. We then finally get some more insight into Aerostar’s ongoing story. It’s no secret that Aerostar has royally screwed up a few times in the season with his timey-wimey stuff. In the case of Fenix, it may be permanent. There’s some arc welding to Aerostar’s season 1& 2 origin and he travels back to find Officer Vasquez, confirmed mother of the previously dead/really dead Catrina, and holder of the second half of the pendant of life. Note that Melissa has the other half. Aerostar convinces her to give her half of the pendant over… and with it no longer keeping her between worlds, she turns to dust. Not like, metaphorical dust. Actual dust.

No doubt Aerostar’s redemption quest will play out over UL IV night two, but for now the matches for night 1:

Trios Elimination Match

Three teams in, one team out! Ivelisse, Xo Lishus, and Sammy Guevara take on the new mean and lean Rabbit tribe and the Reptiles, who haven’t been on TV in quite some time. Sammy Guevara really shows up and shows out here, with some great spots and Ivelisse and Xo backing him up (and throwing him over). The Reptiles work well as a unit like usual, but the Rabbits get some time here too to prove how danged creepy they are. Paul London wearing corpsepaint and groveling to White Rabbit, El Bunny messing people up out here… it’s a weird match on paper and on screen, but it’s working. Highlights here include Sammy Guevara taking Kobra Moon up to the balcony and throwing her off like trash, Sammy getting the claw from White Rabbit a couple of times and being carted off by a medic, and the Reptiles ganging up on Ivelisse and Xo Lishus. It’s a surprisingly emotional match packed full of story and drama. Also that won’t be the only time you end up catching some serious feelings, nor will it be the last time that balcony is seen.

Taya Mundo vs Ricky Mundo

Brother and sister spat? Nah, they just hate each other. Taya is coming to beat Ricky’s ass for ruining her wedding and… well, I wouldn’t call this a squash match, but I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say Taya murderizes and murks Ricky within an inch of his life. We also get like the third F-bomb of the season. Man, El Rey really doesn’t care anymore, do they? This match is great, but not a must see unless you like watching Taya mess people up. (I do.)

Mask vs Mask: Killshot vs Son of Havoc

Son of Havoc and Killshot’s feud spiraled out of control from the middle of the season on and it’s finally coming to its conclusion here. Both men’s masks and essentially their identities are on the line so the stakes are quite high. Like many wrestling feuds, this started with a simple misunderstanding but it seems that Antonio Cueto was right in inferring that Killshot was hiding something besides just his face with that mask. This match is excellent as expected from two field-tested main event caliber wrestlers. Some of the technical highlights include Son of Havoc jumping from the rafters to land onto Killshot on a table (Killshot was 29 years old, rest in peace) and the bottom rope snapping from all the righteous action. But the real draw here is the bittersweet story telling that serves as a great cap for Killshot’s story arc on the show.

There’s no special stinger for this episode except for a short segment with Dante Fox and Killshot. But night one of Ultima Lucha Cuatro was a roller coaster of emotions and night two promises to be the same… plus a deathmatch. That’s pretty emotional and high stakes. Who will survive and what will be left of them? Next week, Lucha Underground season 4 concludes!
Recap: Lucha Underground s4ep21 "Ultima Lucha Cuartro - night 1" Recap: Lucha Underground s4ep21 "Ultima Lucha Cuartro - night 1" Reviewed by Blerds Online on Thursday, November 01, 2018 Rating: 5

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