Top 5 Ways To Make WWE Programming Great Again

Shane McMahon made a surprise return to Raw two years ago and said what fans have been saying for years now and that’s the current WWE product is stale, repetitive, redundant, and garbage. I agreed with him on that statement he made.

Here are top 5 ways to make WWE programming great again.

1. Get Rid Of These Bad Soap Opera Writers - The main roster writing teams for Raw and Smackdown Live are actually the absolute worst and most laziest writers that I’ve ever seen in my life because they come up with recycled storylines that are absolute garbage which later kills the build for upcoming feuds. A recent example of this is how the Raw main roster writer team killed the build for the Bayley/Sasha Banks feud when Bayley beat the breaks off of Sasha, but what did the main roster writers of Raw do to kill the build for that match, get them to go to therapy session to make fun of one another and I hated the segment when I saw it on YouTube. I’m definitely not a big fan of The Bayley/Sasha Banks feud because of it.

2. Cut Raw Back Down To 2 Hours - The current 3 hour format for Raw is actually killing the current WWE product because it’s filled with filler promos and segments as well as too many squash matches and commercials because nobody wants to see 2 or 3 hours of filler garbage that’s constantly forced down our throats every week because it’s complete overkill. Taking Raw back down to 2 hours would create better storylines and feuds with a much better writing team. I know plenty of black YouTubers that are big wrestling fans like Haevyn Reyhne that can write much better stories than these garbage writers that WWE has now.

3. Do Away With These Part-Timers - I’m personally sick and tired of seeing these old washed up part-timers like Brock Lesnar coming in and stealing the spotlight away from young full-time performers who work their asses off for most of the year. Vince brings back these old washed up part-timers like Brock Lesnar because he arrogantly thinks they draw the most money. More often then not part-timers are not only handed opportunities like an easy title shot, but because of the 50/50 booking mentality, young full-time performers are often buried for the sake of putting these part-timers over. These part-timers barely show up and when they do, they put on very horrible matches. An example of this was when part-timer Goldberg squashed young full-timer Kevin Owens last year at Fastlane in a glorified 22 second squash that angered many wrestling fans that lashed out on Twitter and turned in on Goldberg for the rest of his final WWE run. Doing away with these part-timers for good will focus on building up the talent that they already have in Seth Rollins, Elias, Drew Macintyre, etc.

4. Make The Titles Prestigious Again - Nowadays, the titles are treated like hot potatoes in The WWE with so many short title reigns like Nia Jax holding the Raw Women’s Title for two months and Seth Rollins holding the Intercontinental Title for two months. This damages the significance of these titles and the credibility of the performers in the process. Back during The Attitude/Ruthless Agression Eras, the titles were so prestigious because there were longer title reigns some of them were good title reigns like Shelton Benjamin and some were horrible and boring like Triple H and John Cena’s were. By making the titles prestigious again not only brings back wrestler credibility, but also the significance of the titles.

5. Stop Forcing The “Total Divas Agenda” Down Our Throats - Let’s be honest, Alexa Bliss and Carmella are decent on the mic, but below average in the ring and it’s no secret that Vince absolutely loves blonde haired Beckies and both of these women I’ve mentioned have been on that garbage show “Total Divas”. The reason why I have an issue with the “Total Divas” agenda constantly being forced and shoved down our throats is because more talented women like Asuka and Sasha Banks that deserve more than what they’re getting are often being buried by the “Total Divas” women like Alexa Bliss and Carmella and I’m personally sick of it.

The Conclusion - If the WWE had any balls, they should consider these top 5 ways to make their programming great again so that fans that turned their backs on the current product can be not only excited to see the product again, but also give the fans what they truly want.

By Kwame Shakir
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