Too Woke to Nerd Out

To simply say it in colorful language, you motherfuckers got too woke to nerd out and it's annoying as hell. I mean that. I get it, be woke. Keep your ears to the street and listen for the nonsense. If you see racism, misogyny, homophobia, or whatever, call it out. I'm all about that. But can you take a break sometimes? We can't enjoy any media anymore because someone is always going to find a reason why we can't enjoy it. Often without even looking at the context.

The Power Rangers recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. I saw people complaining that Zach was a black and the black ranger in the original series. We shouldn't enjoy Power Rangers because the black guy work black. But, what if I told you he chose to be the black ranger when he was going to be blue? You can keep your dissertation. I'm just trying to watch monsters get karate kicked through walls here.

It's no secret that I love the television show Preacher. We're supposed to stop watching now. Tulip, a black woman got beat up by a white woman. Never mind the fact that this white woman was the angel of death. You know, a divinely powered being. Tulip is indeed a badass. But, is she taking out the angel of death with nothing but a gun? I think not. Also, Star Wars is out until Finn stops getting beat up by white people.

I can't even read comic books anymore because white writers should not be writing black characters according to super woke nerds. Forget that Tony Isabella created Black Lighting, apparently he shouldn't be allowed to write him. That's nonsense. Then I saw people complaining that Tony was in a bunch of pictures with the cast of Black Lightning. He was invading a space not for him. You realize how crazy that sounds? "We know you created Black Lighting Tony, but no more." Also Brian Michael Bendis should have never been allowed to write Miles Morales or Riri Williams. Never mind the fact that he was creating characters his black children could relate to. You just sound stupid sometimes.

Don't get me wrong. There's a lot of crap that goes on in various nerdoms. A lot of stuff needs to be called out and put to an end. But, sometimes you're making mountains when there aren't even molehills. It seems more like you're out to complain and prove how woke you can be, instead of actually enjoying the content in front of you. I encourage you to call out problems when you see them. Just don't be surprised if nobody backs you up on problems of your own design.

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