Endeavor: The Symbol of Justice

With All Might sidelined and permanently out of action, Endeavor has finally become the number one hero. He's been hailed as the new Symbol of Peace by a country that previously thought ill of him. He's attempting to make amends with his family and is learning to adjust to the new found fame and acceptance. But here's the thing, Endeavor will never be the Symbol of Peace. He can't be, it's not in his nature and the world no longer needs a Symbol of Peace.

All Might came along and ushered in years of relative peace. Villain attacks were minor, nothing like the recent large scale attacks. He charged into every battle with a smile, letting people know things were going to be okay. He was also soft on the villains, always holding back and trying to take them in without harm. He was everything the world needed in a peaceful time. That's why he was the symbol of peace.

That isn't Endeavor, he would crush a villain fast as possible with no concern for their well being, you did wrong and you will face the consequences. His style of heroics was looked at as brutal and over the top. Some didn't even see him as a hero. He doesn't care if you smile when you see him, or want a picture. Just as long as you know, he was the one who saved your behind.

With All Might out villains are running wild not expecting to go unchecked. They believe that there is no one left who can stand against them because the peace has been broken alongside All Might. That's where Endeavor comes in. He'll always bring Justice even at the cost of his own body. He can never bring peace, it's not in his nature, but if you are wronged, he'll get you justice.

That's what the world needs right now, not a hero that symbolizes peace. The world needs a hero that shows them justice will be done no matter the situation. Endeavor is that man. News reports playing constantly about how villains were being bolder than before and had no fear of heroes. Despite all that Endeavor stepped up to the plate and refused to back down from anyone.

When that modified Nomu attacked the city Endeavor gave it everything he had. He went Plus Ultra, a phrase he hated to make sure it would be defeated when a lot of heroes didn't step on the scene. What that crowd saw was Endeavor left standing. They didn't see him smiling and taking pictures to remind everyone that everything is okay. Instead they saw a battered and bruised Endeavor standing tall as Justice had been served.

Hawks pointed out that Endeavor took the same victory pose as All Might, only for Endeavor to chastise him and point out he raised the opposite hand. I think this is beautiful symbolism. You've probably seen statues of Lady Justice before. A blindfolded woman stands holding a scale in one hand a sword in the other. The blindfold means that justice is blind and should be served without prejudice or bias. The scale is to represent that all are equals in the eyes of the law. The sword is Endeavor, for the sword represents the idea that justice shall be swift and severe. Is that not Endeavor?

I believe crew from Nerdcorp summed it up best:
Endeavor is the devouring fire of righteousness. Fire is not something that has multiple sides. It has one goal; to cleanse.
That is who Endeavor is. He's the number one hero but he isn't there to give the people hope. It doesn't matter if he gives people hope. He is there to strike fear into the hearts of villains. He's there to remind them that they will never be able to escape justice even if they took out All Might. Endeavor can never be All Might, if he was anyone but himself, his role as number one hero would be meaningless.

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