Game Review: Stardew Valley

What can I say about Stardew Valley that hasn't already been said about Harvest Moon? It turns out there's a lot I can say. It sounds crazy but I've always been a fan of these life simulator games. Is that what we're calling them? I was a fan of The Sims for a long time, but everything changed when EA attacked. So it seems like Stardew Valley would be right up my alley. But did I love it? Yes, you can stop reading but if you'd enjoy seeing me gush over this game, continue reading.

The game starts with you working a monotonous office job. Sometimes, my job becomes a monotonous office job. During that time you remember your grandfather left you the deed to a farm out in Stardew Valley for when you feel like life has finally dragged you down and you need some relief. So you pack up and you head out to the farm where you're introduced to various townspeople.

If you've ever played an old Harvest Moon game, the gameplay is the same. On the basic level, planting seeds and foraging. The difference comes with minigames being changed up or added. That fishing game is a pain in the ass, I'm just going to be serious with you for a moment. It's one of the things I don't like about the game and there aren't a lot of things I don't like.

The major thing that I don't like, friendships are hard. But, that's real life too and I can't really complain because I don't make as much effort as I should in real life friendships. I'm sorry to my real life friends, I'll try to be better. The key to Stardew Valley friendships is to just give people stuff. You're not going to be having late night meaningful conversations with them, just give them stuff. That's it, they use you.

I also hate Shane, just screw Shane. He's an asshole, and I don't want to be his friend. He's a jerk, how can he be a jerk in Stardew Valley? Hey Shane, screw you. You're just as bad as Shane from The Walking Dead. Never trust a Shane. 

I keep comparing the game to Harvest Moon and that's only because it feels like a spiritual successor. The thing that separates the two is that Stardew Valley goes off the rails sometimes. Forrest spirits helping to rebuild the community center. A wizard that might be a drug addict, and all kind of strange happenings. On top of that, you get small cut scenes when you learn about individuals in the town. Take for instance, Linus. He lives outside the town, near the mines and most would consider a him a bum, but you'll come across him eating food from garbage cans in the city if you're out late at night. He'll still be truthful with you and wanted to live the life he lives for the same reason you came to the valley it's less stressful. It reminds me of this old Arrested Development song called "Mr. Wendal."

I really like the game, and I was actually trying to avoid it because I knew I would waste a lot of time on it. I was waiting on God of War to install and update, so I went ahead and bought the game because it was on sale. I wasted about 4 hours that night. I still haven't played God of War as of typing this. Yet, I play Stardew Valley for 30 minutes after work to relax as if it's some form of meditation. I love it, I give the game 5 parsnips out of 5.

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Game Review: Stardew Valley Game Review: Stardew Valley Reviewed by Darrell S. on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 Rating: 5

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