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If I could describe Ready Player One in two words it would be nostalgia bomb. This movie thrives off it and I’m not ashamed to say that I was fanboying over many of the cameos from new media and old that popped up during the film. I suspect at least a few top ten lists will have this movie on them, but with Infinity War out and Deadpool 2, and the Solo movie just around the corner, it remains to be seen how well this movie will be received in comparison and if it will get left in the backburner.  Enough of that though, on to the review!

Set in 2045 Columbus, Ohio, Ready Player One takes place in your basic dystopian future that you’ve seen since Blade Runner. Because the world is pretty shitty, the people escape it by diving into the virtual world of Oasis (think VR Chat but on super steroids.)  This where we get introduced to our protagonist Wade Watts, played by Tye Sheridan, who one of the many players participating in a race to acquire the ultimate prize, complete control over the Oasis and one billion dollars. Of course he isn’t the only one looking for these prizes and thus he needs the help of his friends in order to defeat the Mega Corporation looking to take control.

First let’s look at the positives. The film is visually stunning, both in the real and virtual worlds. I think one of my favorite shots is right in beginning where you see Wade making his way down a series of trailer park homes stacked on top of each other. Each time he passes a home we get glimpse inside showing us how each resident is interacting with the Oasis from an outside perspective. Soon afterwards Wade enters the Oasis and we now get to see the residents’ avatars from a more direct point of view. It not only establishes the reliance people feel for the virtual world but is also a great transition from the mundane to the spectacular.  Another positive is something I stated in the beginning, the nostalgia. I was entirely blown away by how many Easter eggs there were, some obvious and others requiring multiple viewings to spot. It was a blast seeing the main characters interacting with some of my favorite characters and areas from multiple pieces of media.  The villain, played by Ben Mendelsohn, is a fairly entertaining bad guy for the majority of the film. Last thing I’ll say is that the action scenes are intense and the final battle is probably one of the best I’ve seen this year. While the plot is something you’ve probably heard a thousand times, it feels relevant to today considering the current discussion over governmental control over the internet and how much power we let corporations have. It is done over the top in this film for sure, but it still does a good job of sending that message home.

Now we move on to the negatives. No movie can be perfect (despite many who would disagree) and this one does have its share of flaws. Character development is lacking for a majority of the cast and the romance feels forced when the friendship between the main character and the love interest worked just fine on its own. Also, as a flipside to the positive side of the nostalgia, if you really don’t get most of the references you might feel a bit lost and detached from the movie. The ending as well leaves a few plot holes unanswered and can feel underwhelming after the adrenaline rush of the final act.

Ready Player One is a thrill ride and its action packed sequences along with the many references is a joy to see. I would highly recommend watching this when you get the chance, preferably on Blu-ray if given the chance.

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