Tenjo Tenge Omnibus Volume 3 Review: These Hoes Not Loyal!!

Part 1 Chapters 27-33

The Volume starts off where we left out with the flashback of Katana. Maya is fighting Mashiro Sanada. Shin interrupts to nearly kill Sanada before MAya delivers the finishing blow. As Sanada is dying, Mana Kuzunoha uses acupuncture to save him. FRom here on out, the story becomes a wild fight for love, lust, despair and dignity.

In their first meetup, Mana seduces Mitsuomi easily. They have sex in the empty classroom on sight. Not only this but they continue to see each other until the final showdown. How easy these characters fell in with each other is a little disturbing. Though he loved Maya, Mitsuomi easily cheats on her while he doesn't know himself. He's betraying Shin as well because that's his girlfriend. I don't get Mana's connection to Mitsuomi. She clearly loved Shin but its noticeable that he doesn't care for her but Mana says she's attracted to Mitsuomi based on his character but she barely knew him outside of recording him as well as Shin and Bunshichi.

We find out hat Maya is the one killing all the Katana members because its the only way she'll be considered strong in Shin's eyes. Shin is an asshole. I honestly don't know why people are following him. He may have gone insane due to the Dragon Eyes and the sword Reiki but I've yet to see any redeeming quality of him. He neglects everyone and is a psychopathic killer. He even killed his parents. Why do people like him?

Before the final chapter of the first half a fight begins. After finding members of Katana beaten nearly to death by Shin, Bunshichi decides to kill him himself. Shin beat that one girl so bad, we weren't even shown her face. Once again, why do people like him? Isuzu gets caught filming Bunshichi, gets knocked out by him after he's hit by a car and then destroys said car. Not only those two but assuming the rest of the fighters and spectators are about of the Kuzunoha clan, they all head to the final battle. Shin is a monster. He mutilated his best friend but I have to give it to Bunshichi. After being killed so many times he still beats Shin's ass with only his hands. A true man.

Part 2 Chapters 34-39

The second volume concludes the fight but after that it calms down the action to tell the story. After Bunshichi defeats Shin, three months pass as everyone involved is healing in the hospital. Katana is disbanded with Shin and Bunshichi becoming close again. Mana tries to settle things with Maya with a fight but just gets Talk no Jutsu'd and is never seen for the rest of the volume. That character is pathetic. She's a lost soul with a boring setup. It's kind of weird tough. Mitsupmi thought Shin would fight him over Mana during the meeting and he also thought Mana would tell Maya during their fight. Neither of those happened and I don't know why. Maybe Mana and Shin want to put it behind them or they really don't care about each other though they kissed in the hospital.

We see a young Aya for the first time during this back story. Only for a couple of pages as Shin confirms she has the Dragon Eyes. He starts the Juken club as a way to participate in the upcoming school tournament. Bunshichi, Maya, and Mitsuomi join as Maya brings along "Dirtbag" as the final member. The story has progressed a lot in this last half of the volume.

We learn Takayanagi is being breed to crush more people similar to Shin. Meaning Nagi, in present time will have a hard time fighting Mitsuomi even if Mitsuomi is on his death bed. The relationship between Mitsuomi and Maya is weird but they are slowly falling back in love. Shin knows his death is near but by the hands of Mitsuomi. I wonder how this will play out as they're both on the same team. I foresee Shin getting amazingly pissed of at Mitsuomi during the tournament for taking Maya away from him. He really does have a sister complex. The split between the 3 will be something to see as their all so close right now.

Overall this was a great volume. Its the best one so far as the action and story was amped to the max here. Not seeing Nagi and Bob in the later half is weird but I liked it. I rather get the full back story done early on than to keep getting flashbacks later on. Plus the story is very interesting here as we get to see all the groundwork being laid for what's happening in the present. I think in the final fight of this tournament Mana will die as well. I think she still loves Mitsuomi but doesn't realize it. That or Maya kills her for cheating with Mitsuomi. Solid volume nonetheless.

Tenjo Tenge Omnibus Volume 3 Review: These Hoes Not Loyal!! Tenjo Tenge Omnibus Volume 3 Review: These Hoes Not Loyal!! Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Friday, March 02, 2018 Rating: 5

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