5 Milestone TV and Film Ideas

Milestone comics are often discussed but the company was actually Milestone Media. They had plans to take over the world. It'd be great if they had the chance to do so. I'd welcome it. With the relaunch constantly over the horizon and the rise of live action superheroes it would be silly to only look at comics. I sat down and came up with 5 ideas that would make for great live action:

5. Xombi

I have a soft spot for Xombi. It could be a fun filled dimension hopping story full of puns and jokes, but mostly puns. He can chase down Dr. Sugarman trying to stop him from taking over the world. Plot isn't really important as long as it's funny. Deadpool taught us that.

4. Hardware 

This is a classic espionage film. If you liked Ant-Man you have problems but you'll love Hardware. He discovers Alva's evil plans and starts to take him down. Alva grows more aggressive until the entire city is on edge. Meanwhile, Hardware's base has been beneath Alva the whole time. The film finishes with one final assault on Alva's labs.

3. Blood Syndicate 

A constantly changing cast to keep things fresh. Heroes dealing with their own issues and walking the line between heroes and villains. Drug addiction, trans characters, gay characters, alcoholics, drug addicts. Four different leaders feuding for control of the group. They've got it all. It's what Arrow thinks it is.

2. Rocket

Look, I like Icon. I liked him a lot more until Blue Marvel came along and stole my heart. He's like everything Icon could have been. While Blue Marvel was fighting for civil rights, Icon was a former slave who voted Republican. Rocket is the more interesting of the two. She's a hero, she's a  mom and when she can't be a hero she makes sure there's always someone filling in for her. On top of that she's also had time to be part of a few teams. Not to mention while Icon lives comfortably off his fortune Rocket dreams of being a writer and is constantly working on her craft.

1. Static

You knew it was going to be Static. But, I don't want the CW touching this one no matter what they've done with Black Lightning I just can't trust them right now. They've hurt me before and they need at least six seasons and a movie before they can regain my trust. I'd like the first two seasons to cover Virgil in high school as he deals with that and becomes a full blown hero. From there, I'd like to see Virgil juggle heroics with college courses. Think Grown-ish but instead of emotions it deals with with villains. There would be emotion of course. He could have a friendship with Rocket based on finding out their identities only to realize they have different goals in life.
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