5 Webcomics You Should be Reading

I wanted to bring attention to some of the various webcomics I enjoy reading. I’m keeping the synopses brief, there’s obviously a lot more to each story but I’d rather not spoil. Some of these are pretty unknown while some are lowkey or new. Please read and support these narratives by reading their work on their websites, following them on social media and if you can, support them with money. But anyways let’s jump right in to it.

LSFTL – There are a few rare teenagers that possess Mutated Energy Cells, giving them access to supernatural powers. Takes place at Orenji Creek S High School, the school board closely monitor these special youth and Jay Parker tries to keep his gifts a secret. By Sirlance, read the series here and follow him at Silrance.

Vibe – A webcomic by Dan Ciurczak. Vibe is about a boy named Baron Bones whose occupation is to locate those with bad vibes, extract that negativity from them and then proceed to defeat the creature created by their bad vibes. Very punny narrative, with some great coloring and vibrant artwork. You can read this here and follow Dan’s twitter.

Room of Swords – Randoms are taken from time and placed into mysterious rooms they must escape. With time they eventually learn more about themselves and why they were placed in the room. Read Room of Swords here and follow the creator, Toonimated on twitter. I love how the artist draws characters and while early, I can’t wait to see where this goes. Animated webcomic.

Saint For Rent – This webcomic is about a man named Saint who runs an inn for time travelers. This is what his father left him, the story is about Saint and his interactions with the various guests at his inn. This also has gifs as panels so some of the pages actually have animation. Read it here and follow the creator Ru Xu.

Romantically Apocalyptic - The aftermath of the nuclear apocalypse has left the earth like a barren wasteland. Our protagonist meets a strange person who goes by Zee Captain and this person is rather eccentric. Dark humor, beautifully detailed visuals and mutant animals on the prowl. Written by  Vitaly S. Alexius and made by their large creative team. Read it here, follow: zeecaptein.

Go ahead, give all these a fair shot and when you eventually, inevitably become fans, share the word, spread it in an effort to show support. I'd love to see some of these really take off and gain steam.

Written by: Nya Hemmingz
Twitter: @LolitaZenpie
Blog: ZenpieSama
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