Top 10 Songs: Month of November 2017

I actually for got to create a list for October so there was no list although I actually did create a half list, I just forgot to continue it and then I forgot about it completely. So, here are the 5 songs I did write down.

October Leftovers 

  1. HA:TFELT - I Wander
  2. Sabrina Claudio - Stand Still
  3. Taemin - Stone Heart
  4. Keith Ape x Ski Mask The Slump God - Achoo
  5. pH-1 - 15

Now, here is November's list of my favorite songs.

Solji - Dreamer
I just can't get enough of this song. I missed Solji's sweet voice crooning over a delicate beat and this song here, it delivered. The lyrics of dreaming to get away from the pain that the orson you love doesn't love you, are sweet but it stings. Solji's voice has such maturity to it and only she could have sung this song.

B-Bomb - Give and Take
We just won't give a damn. And I don't. I'm too busy shaking buns to this sexy track. Its the perfect song for a night on the town. B-Bomb surprisingly took Taeil's spot of having a solo on this EP and he didn't disappoint. I would like for the lyrics to be better but the beat is dope, so is the singing. I would love to hear B-Bomb with this type of music going forward.

Soma - Face Me
Soma graced us again (we don't deserve her) with another EP, "The Letter". "Face Me" is my favorite track even though it was hard to choose because the entire EP is phenomenal. The song is sexy. When I die strap this song to my brain. I want to hear it in the after life and all of the corpse next to me needs to know how beautiful the song is.

Hayley Kiyoko - Feelings
This song did not release in November but I found it in November so its on the list. I came across the song when randomly thinking about the actor. I didn't know she a had a musical career and now I am happy I was randomly thinking about her. "Feelings" is so good. Its a song that everyone can relate too without being so cheesy or generic. The beat is cool as hell. I can turn up to this in the car as well as just casually sing it when lying in bed. If only I had found it sooner, my October list would have been amazing.

Joohee - Goodbye Now
This is my first interaction with Joohee. I was told she was apart of an idol group that disbanded. Lowkey glad that happened because this song is pure gold. From the slick R&B production to hr beautiful voice. The song has a perfect sync of beat and voice. There has to be some sugar or fat somewhere in this song because I'm addicted. THe first time I played it I had it in rotation for about 30 minutes before I finally changed the song. Its that damn good.

Dok2 - I Don't Know
After releasing his 6th album "Reborn", earlier this year, Dok2 came back with a new EP titled "Crazy". The EP is decent, it feels like a bunch of throwaways that didn't make Reborn. I do like the track "I Don't Like" featuring Hash Swan. The dopest song on the project cause the beat is just astounding. Gray produce the entire EP so all of the beats are good but Dok2 just didn't show up here like he did on Reborn. Solid EP overall and I can ride to this track any time of the day.

Wu-Tang x Illionaire - Wu & The Illy
The perfect beat to get in you car at midnight, pull over you hood and just nod your head until you end up at you'r ex's house ready to beat her new dude up. Its a great beat to beat someone's ass to. The lyrics are great as well but the beat, the highlight. Never would I have thought this would happen and it did. Thank you to the gods.

Shofu - Alpha and Omega
Sofu finally delivered to us, the Trap Ketchum mixtape. When the beat drops on this joint it just obliterates you.Boy when Anonymuz takes off during his verse I damn near died again. He just, he went from 0 to 200 so easily. The back and forth between Anon and MangaD was dope and then Shofu drops in to deliver us extra bars on top this slimy, dark beat. I truly feel like this should be teh song for when Groudon and Kyogre finally go at it again.

The Flavr Blue - 365
I didn't know of this trio until this month when I looked at Jay Park's featured tracks on Spotify. The group released their album Blue Dream back in October with "365" being produced by Cha Cha and featuring Jay. I love the song. Hollis has a soft yet defined voice that is very sweet over the beat Cha Cha blessed us with, Add in duets with Jay and we have magic. Since I found the song I haven't been able to take it off my mind. the rest of the album is dope as well

Yves - new
Someone compared Yves, the new member of Loona to Sunmi and I kind of see it. But forget all of that, Yves came out swinging with this banger of a track. This electro pop joint is amazing. The beat is enticing while her voice is never lost in the shuffle of the synths, She sounds very defined compared to the last few members of Loona. She may be a powerhouse like Heejin given the correct song. But "new" I can't get enough of the song. I waited all month just for this song.

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