Sabrina Claudio - About Time Album Review

Sabrina Claudio has released her first full length project "About Time" which is great because no matter what she releases this year; her debut EP "Confidently Lost" and singles Belong To You" and "Unravel Me", fans have not gotten enough of her music. I for one was stoked to finally get a full length project from her.

After listening to the album I was extremely excited for two reasons. The first reason was because the album is splendid. I love her voice on every single track. No track sounds the same in the production, lyrics and the way she sings a song. One of my favorite songs is "Stand Still". I love the way her voice distorts at certain parts of the verse and chorus. Stint does a great job at creating a raw atmosphere so Claudio sings her heart out here. The entire album feels like eating a warm cherry pie where the crust is a tad bit crunchy but smooth as well. The apple filling slathers down your tongue as the bits smash against your teeth. This album hits the spot and this leads into why I also love the album.

This album feels like and R&B album. There are no poppy tracks that are radio friendly (not that any of the songs can't be played on the radio), there are no trap layers to boost attention and she isn't relying on social media memes or topics to stay afloat. This is a raw R&B album. I don't feel like Stint or Claudio are trying to be anything other than an R&B duo. I don't have to worry about "fuck boy shit" when listening to the album. Everything is solid.

I think this is a great album. All of the songs flow into each other with ease. The only song that feels out of touch is the opening track "About time" which is just some nice crooning with a cool monologue in the background.

The only song I don't like is the 6lack remix of "Belong To You". From the start of the song it feels off compared to the original which I listened to over a million times. Once 6lack comes in I can tell that the mixing is off. 6lack sounds like he's singing through the pop filter through the upstairs floor. On top of that he sounds like something is stuck in his air way, there's a buzzing noise in his voice. He also added nothing to the song. So he comes on to the song sounding like a bug zapper and does not improve the song in any way.

Overall, I love this album. This album is definitely going into my top 5 R&B albums of the year. For a debut album, this does really well. I'm excited to continue listening to the project and continue to hear new music from Stint and Sabrina Claudio. I rate this album a 7.5/10

Sabrina Claudio - About Time Album Review Sabrina Claudio - About Time Album Review Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 Rating: 5

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