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In my opinion, he is the best modern day rapper at the moment in Japan. His name is AKLO a Mexican-Japanese rapper living out his dreams in Japan. The Package is the debut album released in 2012. I listened to the album in 2014 after his second The Arrival. This was during a time I was falling off of Japanese hip hop besides Home Made Kazoku. AKLO breathed life back into the scene for me.

The Package is the typical debut album but much different. Topics that would be covered such as the rise to fame, partying, and rap in general are covered of course but tastefully. "Beast Mode" signals his love for rap how he is changing the game or making himself know. "Foot Print" is a love song and "Chaser" is about getting money. As I said there is not much variation in topics but the lyrics and his flow are the selling point. As well as the beats. several DJ's helped produce this album.

This album is one of my favorites because it was able to get me back into Japanese hip hop. Its modern style and AKLO's rap skills are a cohesive unit that have the ability to make you listen and fall in love all over again. I once said that it was better than his second album but I was wrong. This album just has more bangers while The Arrival has better lyrics overall.

I recommend this album. Its a very fun album that you can blast in your car and turn up to. There are a few club bangers like Chaser, Best Man, and Pm to AM. My friends don't listen to Japanese music but they enjoy this album. I know you will to. I would have to give this album an 8/10. It is a very good debut album that leave you wanting more. Lots of replay value as well.

AKLO - The Package Album Review AKLO - The Package Album Review Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Friday, August 11, 2017 Rating: 5

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