Sam Wilson: Too Black To Be Captain America

Well people, it's over. We had a nice run, but the end is here. Sam Wilson was Captain America and while it lasted it was beautiful. With Marvel Legacy on the horizons things are going back to the way they used to be. Tony Stark is back, Thor is back, Bruce Banner is back. It was only a matter of time before Sam Wilson went back to Falcon. Except, Dr. Doom is still Iron Man, Riri is still Iron Man, Jane is still Thor, Amadeus is still Hulk. Only Sam got the boot from his role, and I'll tell you why, he was just to black to be Captain America.

Captain America, has always fought against the threats that put America in danger. It doesn't matter if they're Nazi branches of HYDRA, Skrull Invasions or Superhuman Registration Acts. That was no different with Sam Wilson carrying the shield. Sure he fought against HYDRA and he fought against the Sons of The Serpent, but that's not all Sam fought against. From the start he fought against people in both the fictional world of Marvel and the real world we live in who proudly said "He's not my Captain America." That's been the struggle from day one for Sam, and it lasted until the last day.

In the pages of his comic series he fought threats that no other Captain America had tackled before. Sam made speeches about the racial inequality in America and how we all needed to come together to make America better. When no other heroes would investigate illegal immigrants being kidnapped, Sam did it. While other heroes were focusing purely on Civil War II, Sam was fighting against the Americops and police brutality. He was fighting against the corrupt justice system that led to teenage superhero Rage being arrested under false charges and sentenced to prison where he was promptly beaten by into a coma by villains he had arrested.

In Marvel Luke Cage has often been the voice of black people in the world. He would speak of racism, economic inequality, diversity and everything else. But, from 2014 up until 2017 that voice was Sam Wilson. People didn't like that. He wasn't just under fire from people in the comics but fans as well claiming Sam was spouting reverse racism. He was also under fire from minority readers due to comments Nick Spencer had made on Twitter about the importance of conversing with real life Nazis. Through all of this Sam held up as a character still and was supported by just as many people who hated him.

Here's why Sam was just too black to keep being Captain America. He hadn't said anything different than heroes like Luke Cage, Nighthawk, Black Lighting, or John Stewart. He didn't say anything different than Miles Morales' dad. The problem is Sam was Captain America. He was just too visible. Sure, Luke Cage is visible especially with his Netflix series. However, Luke is selling nowhere near as many comics as Captain America. He's not in films, he's not on multiple team books or the lead in any events. The same goes for Nighthawk, there's been times when he flat out said he hates majority of white people and nobody flinched because he just isn't that popular. People didn't see it. It's like the NFL. Nobody cares just how pro-black the Bennet Brothers are because no matter how good they are, they aren't stars. Colin Kaepernick is a star quarterback, and was the face of the 49ers and he just can't be that black otherwise he doesn't get a contract even when his coach is publicly asking why he hasn't been resigned yet.

That's why Sam Wilson is just too black to be Captain America. Now we go back to Steve Rogers, an agent of HYDRA. It doesn't matter how you spin it, it's a Nazi organization. That's what should be the face of America because there's nothing controversial about that. In fact you can turn on your TV any day and see an Alt-Right representative explaining why they aren't Nazis but share all the same principles. That's the face of America now, and it's why Sam Wilson will never be Captain America again.

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