Dance in the Vampire Bund Volume 1 & 2 Review: Fall Back Vamps

This is something new I will be doing over the next 8 weeks or so. Every Saturday I will release a review if two Dance in the Vampire Bund volume leading up to the release of the first volume of the second season which is on December 16th. So lets just jump right into this.

In the first volume we meet Akira a high school student who obviously is popular with the ladies. He may be popular with the girls but he has a rival in his wing as well. But he also has a huge secret. He's apart of the Earth Clan under the Queen of Vampires. The Earth Clan is a clan of Werewolves. How cool is that. I would love to be a Werewolf who still gets bitches in the day time. Well it might be fun for me but its not for Akira. His entire life has been leading up to this point. He is the right hand man or body guard of the Queen. Can I be Akira?

The Queen of Vampires has bought a land off the cost of Japan. This called the Bund and it is where all of the Vampires she has bought along with her will live. The main focus of this volume is the press conference held for the Queen Coming to Japan and establishing the Bund. But there's one problem. Some one doesn't want her to set up the Bund and its not even the humans. The Humans of course don't want to have Vampires living only 90 miles away from Japan but its not them attacking the Mansion the Queen lives in. Its Vampires .They attack the Mansion in hopes of killing or capturing Mina Tepes but they fail. The Vampires and Earth Clan are not foolish. Akira, Vera and other Vampires help out and defeat these attackers. That was cool. There was all kinds of Explosions and killings of all kind. This is what got me into this series. It started off strong and stayed that way.  By the Way Did You guys see how Hot Vera was. Got Damn! That's what I'm talking about. For the first volume it was pretty damn good. We learn a lot about the Vampires, Akira, and just how crazy the Bund can get.

Volume 2 starts off where one left off but with more Revelations and secrets and all those things you young kids do nowadays. That was a lame joke, I apologize. Any how a new battle emerges as Mina funds a School and attends it herself. Ironically its a catholic school. Don't know how that works out but none the less it happened. Either way the student council president (who is so damn fine) Ends up missing. Also note that the girl who confessed to Akira, his rival, and Mina are all attending the same school. This can not get any worse for Akira. Is what you're probably thinking but nothing is ever peaceful in this series. So it turns out some one is turning the students into vampires and having them feast on the other students. They basically had a vampire orgy in the church of the school. I kinda wish I was a vampire and there because those girls looked amazing. The girls in this series are too damn fine for me. Someone stop this. But it did lead to an epic battle at the end with Akira showing his true form and Mina as well. This volume was filled with action and lots of emotion. The second volume is what kept me reading for more but volume 4 made me a prominent reader. But that's a discussion for another time. I'll see you guys next week for volumes 3 and 4. until read on so you won't fall behind. I said that like the post won't always be on Blerds. Either way stay tuned for more.

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Dance in the Vampire Bund Volume 1 & 2 Review: Fall Back Vamps Dance in the Vampire Bund Volume 1 & 2 Review: Fall Back Vamps Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Saturday, October 25, 2014 Rating: 5

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