Women’s Wrestling Is Better Without The Agenda

Don’t get me wrong, as a black man who’s been a fan of women’s wrestling ever since The Real Women’s Wrestling Revolution began in Impact Wrestling back in 2007 (sorry super pro-WWE mark fanboys/fangirls) where the women there were more credible and taken more seriously compared to the negative sexist 2 to 3 minute women’s gimmick matches in WWE at the time.

The Original Women’s Revolution was at it’s peak in Impact Wrestling from 2007-2013 where the women weren’t reduced to glorified eye candy, but instead put on amazing matches as well as headlining shows and even some PPVs way before WWE started doing it. Hell, WWE wasn’t even the first major wrestling promotion to have the first all-women’s PPV called “Evolution” in 2018 that ONLY happened because of the controversial Ronda Rousey, let’s be honest with ourselves. Impact Wrestling was technically the first major wrestling promotion to actually have an all-women’s wrestling PPV back in 2013 called “Knockouts Knockdown”

Over the past several years, there’s been an emphasis by WWE (to a degree), Impact and some indie wrestling promotions (to a bigger degree) to push the women's wrestling under the false pretense of “gender equality”. The biggest example of the ongoing agenda in women’s wrestling is these “intergender matches” in which I refer to them as IG Bullshit Matches where some promoters are pushing this narrative that “women are stronger than men” by booking these small women to go over much bigger size men and one of the most notorious examples of this was when Impact Wrestling earlier this year booked Super Tessa Blanchard to go over controversial Sami Callahan to become the first woman to win the main male title of a major promotion despite all the allegations of bullying and racism that came out against her the day before the event. Immediately many fans (minus some on Twitter) including myself weren’t fans of this decision because it completely denigrated The Impact World Heavyweight Title, but it also perpetuated this toxic narrative that “men are weak” and “women are strong” and it absolutely disgusted me to death. It was supposed to be a win under the false pretenses of “gender equality” and wrestling feminists on Twitter, but it turned out to be a massive failure because Tessa has recently shown to be a very unprofessional person when it comes to doing business. When she complained about the pay during negotiations, while refusing to cut a 2 minute video promo and come back to The States and drop The Impact World Title at Slammiversary.

On the topic of “intergender wrestling” many people including myself heavily dislike these types of matches unless you’re one of those rare fans that likes those type of matches. The reasons as to why many wrestling fans like me dislike these types of matches so much is because of not only taking away your suspension of disbelief, but it’s definitely a major part of the narrative in wrestling that “men are weaker than women” because there’s absolutely nothing exciting about seeing 100+lb women beating up and going over 200+lb men, that to many wrestling fans like myself is very enraging. Hell, most of these matches aren’t even done that well either which is why I absolutely hate watching them so much. Even though women’s wrestling is better nowadays, but it can be better by getting rid of the agenda that’s currently poisoning women’s wrestling nowadays.

By Kwame Shakir
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