Sakura - Doing More With Less

Sakura is trash, she's useless, doesn't add anything. You hear it all the time. Crazy thing is, it has been wrong the entire time. People have been on Sakura's case for over a decade now because they don't view her as a useful member of any ninja team. The thing is, they couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, she's a better ninja than Naruto or Sasuke. She truly embodies what Kakashi tried to teach them. It isn't about your strength or skill, but how you use it.

Sakura doesn't have any special clan jutsu. She comes from a regular family. For all we know, her dad teaches history and her mom is  a banker. Compare that to her team members. Naruto, who has the Nine Tailed Fox sealed inside of him, and with it a seemingly endless supply of chakra. Then there's Sasuke, survivor of the Uchiha Clan, last know natural wielder of the Sharingan (at the time), and with it and endless amount of jutsu at his disposal. The bar is set pretty high. Still she reached it.

There are two things that neither Naruto or Sasuke truly have, one is chakra control and the other is technique. Two things that Sakura has mastered. You can say that Naruto and Sasuke have them, but they don't. Ever since Naruto struggled to climb the tree he's been expending too much chakra, he doesn't have to limit his or control the output because it's essentially infinite and he never learned to overcome that weakness. Sasuke doesn't have too much chakra, he has a normal amount. But when he struggled, he couldn't limit how much he used. Often leaving him winded and out of chakra. Sakura on the other hand, limited how much chakra she used, controlled the flow to only the parts of her body necessary and carried those traits throughout life.

What about Technique or skill? Well Naruto doesn't have many tricks up his sleeve. Reason being, he's just plain terrible at learning new jutsu. Then there's Sasuke, who has a limitless amount of Jutsu at his finger tips, but can't control his chakra enough to pull them all off. Even if people won't admit it, for a very long time, Kakashi was a much better user of the Sharingan than Sasuke who just tried to blast off every technique at will with no situational awareness. Relying too much on skills he hadn't mastered is why we saw him get beaten time and time again.

But Sakura, takes what she has. She doesn't have a signature jutsu or anything like that. Instead she took the skill she mastered, chakra control, and used it to the fullest potential. She's become one of the top, if not best, medical ninja in the world. She's managed to store a point of chakra in her head to remain young and channel immense strength learned from mimicking Tsunade. If you recall, medical ninja played a huge role in the war. Not only that Sakura stood next to Naruto and Sasuke in the final battle. Not as a subordinate, but as an equal. The three of them had passed their teachers. Kakashi, Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade. They were the top of the ninja world at that time.

Does Sakura have some mind blowing techniques. No, but she did defeat a member of the Akatsuki with fundamentals. That's not something many people can say, but Sakura can. Sure she's not as flashy, maybe not even as strong or beloved. She's still a legend, she's still one of the best in the world. Sakura found her lane, mastered the fundamentals and dominated that lane. That's something we should all aim to do. We can't all be hokages and whatever Sasuke is. But, we can all find out talents and master them.

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