5 Reasons Why Tom Nook is EVIL

1. Child Labor - Tom has three employees. You, which he fires after a day of back breaking work for less than a living wage, heck less than a legal wage. But, his other employees, Timmy and Tommy Nook. Unpaid child labor, disgusting. It's sickening that he would force his own family to work in the retail industrial complex for no pay. Tom Nook is unfair, he's in there, standing at the concession, plotting his oppression.

2. He Bathes in Your Money - In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp you can use real money to purchase Bells. The 39.99 package features an image, of Tom Nook, bathing in your money. That's right. Tom Nook doesn't care about people. He cares about bathing in your money. Sick.

3. He's a Capitalist Hoarder Infesting Village after Village (or camp or city) - Think about it, Nook has a spot in every place you go. It isn't just one shop either. Nook's Cranny. Nook 'n' Go. Nokaway. Nookington's.  He's putting all the comepition out of business and forcing you to pay a higher price. Disgusting.

4. Insurance Fraud - I can't prove he commits insurance fraud, but I know he hooks up with Lyle. Lyle is well known for insurance fraud. Nook teams up with Lyle to run a homeowner's association from Nook's store. Lyle has never done anything legal in his life, and Nook is his partner in crime.

5. He Knows We Know - In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer you can speak with Tom at his home. He admits to hearing the rumors of him being a corrupt criminal. He promises they aren't true but admits that he's uses it to force people into paying off their debt quicker.

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  1. I keep hearing about this character.

  2. K how about you be homeless in animal crossing also pay no attention to how he changes in the other games pay no attention to why he is like that and don’t forget that your the one ruining the nature in the town also your being mean to villagers you don’t like ^^

  3. lol your worst/any village inducing me


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