Ugly God Has Super Dimensional Powers

Let's sit down and talk about how Ugly God is a rapper with Super Dimensional Powers. Ugly God's "Water". You see, 90% of rap is people bragging about their cars, body count, and pretty much anything else materialistic. But Ugly God, he brags about his super powers. 

"Ugly God wrap your bitch up like some headphones (I do)
You say I ain't shit, bitch I'm Ugly God I'm well known (The fuck?)"

You see, Ugly God was on to something when he said "Wrap your bitch up like some headphones". In order to do this, he would need the grip strength of an elephant but with grace as to not kill the women.

Or Ugly God has a pocket dimension within his pants that wraps said women up like headphones since normal pockets treat actual headphones this way.

Regardless of the approach, its clear that Ugly God has the power to do anything. If he can wrap a full body women up and carry her in his pocket, he can quite do anything. Lets strive for World Hunger next LDC Captain.  

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