Several Main Things About Modern Day Wrestling That I Don’t Like

The landscape of modern day wrestling has greatly changed from the days of old school technical style of wrestling to the popular and controversial cool athletic and inter-gender style matches that are very common particularly on the very hot and popular indie scene.

But despite the constant changing of the current landscape of wrestling, there are certain things about modern day wrestling that I don’t like at all.

Here are top 5 main things about modern day wrestling that I don’t like.

Finisher Kickouts Galore - One of the things that I personally don’t like about modern day wrestling is the fact that there are so many wrestlers kicking out of finishers because back in the 1980s and especially the 1990s and 2000s, finishing moves especially the weaker ones like The Running Leg Drop, The People’s Elbow, and The Attitude Adjustment we’re heavily protected where 9 times out of 10, the opponent would lose to those finishers. But nowadays, it’s basically finisher kickouts galore where everybody kicks out of finishers all the time which in turn makes the finishing moves look so weak now compared to what they were from many years ago. An example of this was when Roman Reigns kicked out of 5 F-5’s last year at WM34 which effectively made the move look extremely weak compared to how the finishing move was protected back in the day.

Toxic IWC Fans - Another thing that I personally don’t like about modern day wrestling is that there are a lot of toxic people in the IWC aka internet wrestling community who constantly bitch and complain about every little thing instead of watching the product and carefully analyze it. It’s one thing to critique the matches and segments of the weekly wrestling shows, but it’s another thing when they constantly bitch and complain about everything regarding wrestling on social media especially Twitter, it is downright asinine and annoying. The point I’m trying to make is that you can watch the product and legitimately critique it without being extremely negative and hateful all the time.

Intergender Matches - Intergender matches has become so popular on the indie scene over the past several years now, but to me intergender matches are nothing new to me as I remember when I was in my mid-to-late teens, I remember not truly enjoying seeing intergender matches in WWE back then such as Jazz vs Bubba Ray Dudley because of how nonbelievable they are. You have plenty of people including indie wrestlers like Joey Ryan who are fans of these type of matches, but then there are those like AEW President Tony Kahn, WWE Corporate Executive Triple H, and wrestlers such as Eli Drake and MVP who all have recently stated that they are not fans of these types of matches.

Here’s my official opinion on intergender matches:I’m not a fan of intergender matches because 1) they’re not believable 2) it takes away from the suspension of disbelief 3) it makes absolutely no sense for me to see a 100 lb woman to be facing a 220 lb guy 4) these matches to me are like a guy that physically hits his own sister when he’s supposed to be protecting her. 5) Along with the regular triple threat matches, intergender matches are among my least favorite type of matches. If you like intergender matches, then I’m not gonna criticize you if you do because everyone can like whatever they wanna like and dislike what they wanna dislike because just because you like something doesn’t mean that I’m going to like it.

Stiff Punches & Kicks - One of the biggest things about modern day wrestling that I greatly dislike nowadays is the fact that there are so many wrestlers doing stiff punches and kicks that can or has led to other wrestlers getting injured. One notorious example of this was when Brie Bella gave some of the nastiest stiff kicks that I’ve ever seen last year to Liv Morgan that clearly knocked her out of the match that led to what I personally call selective outrage which included one of the nastiest cyberbullying campaigns against Brie Bella. In New Japan Pro Wrestling, it’s basically “Stiff Punches & Kicks Galore” because the stiff punches and kicks are so common nowadays in the popular Japanese wrestling promotion.

Wrestlers Not Respecting Kayfabe Anymore - One of the things that I also don’t like about modern day wrestling is the fact that many of the wrestlers that use social media don’t respect kayfabe when they break character and talk about either their personal lives or post pictures of them with other wrestlers having a good time and I don’t like that at all because back in the day when you had two wrestlers that didn’t like each other for real, you definitely wouldn’t see them taking and posting pictures on the internet of them spending time and having a drink together.

The Conclusion - Just because I dislike certain aspects of modern day wrestling doesn’t mean that it’s all bad because I definitely enjoy seeing the positive things about modern day wrestling such as a mixture of styles like the old school technical and cool athletic aka “flippy style”.

By Kwame Shakir
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  1. I don't know how you get Domestic Abuse from seeing a Woman and a Man wrestle. That's weird


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