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At this point, nobody can deny that Taraji P. Henson is a versatile actor. In 2018 she added yet another role to her shelf. This time she portrayed a Mary, a woman who made her living as an assassin for various crime families and drug dealers. Proud Mary, also includes Danny Glover who continues to join whatever film he wants.

Mary is an assassin who breaks into the apartment of her target Marcus Miller a bookie that owes some money. She kills Marcus and on her way out here's sounds. She prepares for another kill but sees it's Marcus' son, Danny, playing video games. She leaves the apartment somewhat ashamed of what she's done.

A year later and Danny is living on the streets. He works for a guy named Uncle who Mary has worked for in the past. Danny makes a delivery to a drug dealer. Wanting more money. Danny takes it to Uncle who says some is missing and slaps Danny who used the money for food. He threatens to kill Danny if he does it again. Danny leaves an takes a nap on a park bench where someone steals his bag. He takes off chasing and pulls a gun. The thief leaves the bag and Danny faints from hunger. Mary finds him.

Danny wakes up in Mary's apartment. She cooks him a meal and tells him not to leave. Meanwhile she takes everything he's gotten from Uncle and meets with him. Mary wants Uncle to let Danny go. He says no and signals for his men to kill her. Mary kills all three and this sparks a war between crime families. SHe goes to meet Benny another assassin.

Uncle's family thinks someones from Benny's group killed him. Uncle's brother Luka meets with Benny and Benny promises they didn't kill Uncle. Benny thinks another assassin named Walter killed Uncle and sends Mary to follow him. Mary takes Danny to get hot dogs as a way to look for Walter. However she ends up spending the day with Danny. He explains his mom left when he was seven and that his dad was killed after that. Then Danny went to live with his grandmother, but she died too. That's when Uncle took him in.

Mary goes out and kills Walter the next morning. Tom, Benny's song and Mary's ex comes to Mary's apartment and finds Danny. When she gets home Danny tells Mary about Tom. The two got to Benny's birthday party. Tom is suspicious of the kid and comes to the conclusion that Mary killed Danny's father. Mary says that isn't the case at all. When Benny invites Mary to dance she admits she wants to leave all this. After they leave, Tom tells Benny the truth.

Despite this, Tom and Mary meet up to kill a warehouse full of Luka's men.Danny takes a gun meanwhile to find Benny. Benny tells Danny that Mary killed his father and is only caring for him because she feels guilty. Danny passes the gun to Benny and Mary arrives. When Danny leaves discouraged, Mary kills Benny.

Mary and Tom both chase after Danny. Mary wants to apologize and Tom believes he killed Benny. Mary finds him first and apologizes. She says she's been regretting it since that day. Danny forgives her and they drive away. However Tom stops them and Danny is taken. Mary goes to the warehouse and kills everyone. After killing Tom, Mary collects Danny and they drive off into the sunset.

I would be lying to you if I said this was a good movie. I mean, it's enjoyable, but I also enjoyed Suicide Squad. It's one of those movies that you'll enjoy as long as you know what to expect. I didn't expect this one to be good. There's a ton of good actors in it and a few are veterans of the action film genre. No disrespect to John Newman but he writes soap operas and sitcoms. Babak Najafi has directed some great action movies, but he writes most of them too.

I knew it was going to be a mess going in. When it comes to action movies, I like a mess sometimes, most of the time. Taraji tried hard to make this work and it almost did. If you're like me and enjoy messy movies, this is a good Saturday afternoon flick. There's some emotional moments, but they don't exactly hit hard.

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