Blerd Film Club: Madea's Tough Love

Tyler Perry is probably one of the most polarizing black directors. On one hand, he's given a lot of jobs to a lot of black people. On the other hand, he gave us Madea. On yet another hand a lot of actors and directors got their start with him. On the other hand, he's had some shady practices. In 2015 The Madea films were starting to slow down, so it's time so Tyler Perry did what anyone would do. He created an animated film, Madea's Tough Love.

Madea is sitting and watching cartoons while she eats breakfast. As she watches she sees children she wishes she could give a piece of her mind. In standard cartoon high jinks she's teleported into the cartoon. She instantly starts chasing down a group of skateboarders. She forces them to stop skating and apologize before the police arrest her.

She's sentenced to community service at the local school. She starts by showing up at their gym class. Madea then locks all the children in cages. She tells them it's practice to win a cash prize. The police show up again and take her home. Madea should not be around children. Still, she goes back to the school that night to find her purse that she left behind. There she meets two of  the kids who are homeless and also looking for her purse, hoping she had money for food.

Madea takes the children home with her. She gives them a place to stay for the night and cooks them breakfast in the morning. The kids find out she was planning to call social services and the kids run away. She finds the kids again at a local basketball court and community center. However the center is soon condemned Betsy DeVoe Holiday, that plans to redevelop the area.

Madea takes the kids to a shopping mall, that used to be a park. Betsy had previously redeveloped that area as well. Madea breaks into Betsy's office to figure out what she's doing. Madea finds out Betsy is entering a team in The Youth Games, for a $25,000 prize. The contest includes, a 100 meter race, 3 on 3 basketball, weight lifting, and capture the flag. Madea's team wins and uses the money to repair the community center.

I've got nothing for this one. It's ridiculous. Not in a good way either. It's just bad. It's trying to be a kid's movie, but at the same time make all the same kind of jokes a Madea film would usually have. It just doesn't work. If you're into bad films this might be the one for you. I guess you can say it's for kids. I don't know. I just didn't think this film existed, but it does. It's only an hour so you won't go crazy watching it.

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