Top 5 Main Things That I Would Do To Change The Current WWE Product If I Was In Charge

2018 is by far the worst year for Raw and Smackdown in the history of The WWE because most of their weekly shows have been an absolute abomination because the week-to-week writing and storytelling is absolutely atrocious to watch these writers write this garbage and Vince McMahon approves of this garbage.

Although I didn’t watch it, for the third time this year, Raw broke its own record for the lowest rating ever in the show’s history with this week’s episode clocking in a 2.29 million viewers which is now the lowest rating in the 25 year history of Raw.

2018 was the year that I saw some of the worst storyline ideas since the days of Vince Russo being the head writer for WCW back in 2000 where you got two tag teams fighting over pancakes, a guy pissing on himself, a woman crying over her father’s broken sunglasses, a guy quitting for a week to only come back the following week, a guy beating up three other guys dressed up as his “sisters”, and I can go on and on about the examples of horrendous writing this year by these garbage writers.

I’ve written numerous articles being extremely critical of the current WWE product this year especially how extremely awful Raw has been this year based on the video clips that I saw on YouTube because I don’t watch WWE on TV nowadays. Last week based on those clips I saw on YouTube, a lot of people on social media and YouTube along myself called last week’s episode of Raw to be the worst episode of Raw ever.

This article will explain top 5 main things that I would do to change the current WWE product if I was in charge.

1. Cut Raw Back Down To Two Hours - I have written numerous articles this year as to why Raw being for three hours has been more of a detriment to the current product than it has been beneficial. Let’s be real, three hours of Raw nowadays has produced mostly meaningless filler matches, scripted promos, repeated matches, and filler segments which has not only alienated, but made millions of fans simply stop watching the current WWE product. By cutting Raw back down to two hours, this will allow the return of newer and fresh storylines and feuds as well as bringing back the concept of having different wrestlers wrestling different matches every week like they do on the indie scene nowadays. This will also help bring back the old longtime fans that felt alienated with the three hour Raw.

2. Cut Down The Number Of Titles - There are one too many titles in today’s WWE with the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Division having their own titles and the Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Division having their down titles which is absolutely too much. The way I would change this too many titles issue is to 1) Bring back The World Heavyweight Title and keep that belt on Raw. 2) Get rid of the cursed Universal Title because the belt is meaningless and has absolutely no prestige behind it. 3) Keep The WWE Championship On Smackdown. 4) Get rid of the Raw & Smackdown Women’s Titles and have one Women’s champion defending the belt on both shows. 5) Get rid of the Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Titles and have one WWE World Tag Team champions defending the belt on both shows.

3. Do Away With The Frequent Use Of Part-Timers - It’s no secret that the old longtime fans like myself and the current younger casual fans are absolutely sick and tired of seeing these old-washed up part timers come in and taking away main event and time sports that should be reserved for the young full-time performers on the main roster. 2018 was arguably the biggest year for part-timers in the modern “PG Era” where we saw the likes of Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Undertaker, Kane, Big Show, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Lita, Trish, and The Bellas stealing the spotlight away from the young full-time guys who are working their asses off for almost an entire year. I would solve this issue by only bringing them in for only one off appearances like Edge returning for “The Cutting Edge” segment for The Smackdown 1000th Episode. By bringing them in for only one-off appearances, this will put more emphasis and focus on building up the current young full-time talent so that they can one day be real stars that makes fans forget about the part-timers.

4. Getting Rid Of These Garbage Hollywood Writers - Let’s be honest, the current writing team that works for Vince McMahon is absolutely garbage because they know absolutely nothing about wrestling let alone not knowing anything about how to write and tell a good story because they have written some of the most atrocious ideas this year such as Drake Maverick pissing on himself and Dean Ambrose coming out to the ring doing an impersonation of notorious Batman villain named Bane. I would greatly solve this problem by getting rid of all the garbage hollywood writers and bring in better writers who knows about wrestling as well as how to write and tell a good story which is what made WWE so great from 1998 to 2005.

5. Do Away With Scripted Promos - There’s nothing on this list that I would personally love to do more than to finally do away with these repetitive cookie cutter scripted promos. Scripted promos are detrimental to main roster performers because they sound almost like the exact same character and also makes them sound like bland unconvincing robots on the main roster. Scripted promos take away the performer’s ability to interject their character and personality to get over with the fans and immediately stops any sign of character development. I would solve this problem by giving performers a few bullet points to follow and just let them go out to the ring and interject their character and personality to get over with the fans so that the fans would see them as believable human beings, not as creatively stifled robots.

Notable mentions: 1) Do away with the long standing practice of prohibiting main roster performers from working at indie shows by finally allowing them to perform at indie shows. 2) Do away with the old tiresome negative stereotypical depictions of black wrestlers like gangsters, pimps, and thugs by allowing them to play as a non-negatively stereotypical characters like a loner. 3) Cut down on the number of PPVs as there are currently one too many main roster PPVs in The WWE.

The Conclusion - By doing these five things in this article that I listed above, The WWE would become a much better product than the current garbage product that have now.

By Kwame Shakir
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  1. I like these ideas. I would also be more honest with the audience by not trying to sell them anything or be involved with corrupt government regimes. I'd also cut ties with the Susan G. Komen Foundation since it's known to be a scam. I'd also cut the numerous house shows as I'm aware the WWE is losing money on house shows as I'd save costs as well as ensure that the wrestlers don't get burned out and have more time to be at home.


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