My Top 5 All-Time Least Favorite Wrestling Gimmicks

In my 20 years of watching wrestling as a long time wrestling fan, I’ve seen some of the best gimmicks from Hulk Hogan, Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart, The Heatbreak Kid to Booker T, Sting, The Rock, Shelton Benjamin, and Mark Henry.

There are also plenty of gimmicks that were downright horrible, stupid, and annoying like Doink The Clown.

Here are my top 5 all-time least favorite wrestling gimmicks.

1. The Heel Authoritarian - In the late 1990s, The corrupt, greedy, power hungry, manipulative, and arrogant boss who was the epitome of the heel authoritarian character in Mr. McMahon went to war with his old arch nemesis “Stone Cold” Steve Austin that finally helped The WWE overtake WCW in the Monday night ratings throughout 1998. Stone Cold had to overcame all the traps Mr. McMahon threw right in front of him. But nowadays, the heel authoritarian gimmick is now my all-time least favorite wrestling gimmick because it’s been done to extreme overkill nowadays with The Authority and now Constable Corbin. I’m so over the heel authoritarian gimmick because it definitely needs to be retired for good.

2. Momma’s Boy - Even though Shelton Benjamin had decent success during his first stint in WWE winning The Intercontinental Title several times and even beating the likes of Triple H and Chris Jericho. But his first stint however was buried by The WWE when they turned him from an amazing athletically gifted wrestler to be a weak ass little boy who often had to rely on “Momma” to get him out of tough situations as well as being treated as though he was a child. I absolutely hated this gimmick.

3. The Mentally ILL - I remember back in the day, there was another gimmick that I personally hated called “Eugene” because it was absolutely insulting to real life mentally ill people like myself and because it was WWE’s way of making fun of the mentally ill and I absolutely didn’t appreciate that shit one damn bit because they had “Eugene” act like he was mentally ill by having him do some of the most stupidest things that I’ve ever seen in a wrestling gimmick which made me personally hate this gimmick so bad to the point of never wanting to see it again.

4. The Hugger - I am not a big fan of Bayley’s character because she’s a little girl in a adult woman’s body because she acts like a 5 year old child always wanting to hug people as well as almost always smiling which to me is not only annoying, but it’s extreme overkill. She is one of the most boring people on the main roster at the moment because of the extreme annoyance of the hugging and smiling.

5. The Cheerleader - If there is one gimmick nowadays that I often hate seeing in wrestling, it’s the cheerleader gimmick because it reminds me of The Spirit Squad from back in the day where these five guys would often come to the ring tap dancing like a bunch of buffoons by wearing green cheerleading clothing and that awful cheerleading theme that was extremely cringeworthy for me to watch because good thing I never seen that stupid gimmick again because of how much I absolutely hated that gimmick.

The Conclusion - The main reason why I wrote this article is to explain to readers that they’ll always be good wrestling gimmicks that we’ll love and can relate to and there will always be ones that will not be relatable and bad that are stale and boring.

By Kwame Shakir
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