Top 5 WWE Performers Whose Pushes Have Been Negatively Affected By The WWE’s Redundant Push Of Roman Reigns

Disclaimer: I am not a hater of Roman Reigns like most people are because although he has greatly improved his in-ring and mic skills, but I don’t like how he’s getting pushed by The WWE.

Whenever you bring up the name of Roman Reigns around casual wrestling fans (young and old people who have been fans of wrestling for 3-5 years), many of them will often voice their disdain and voice their reasons as to why they hate Roman Reigns because to many fans, Roman Reigns is one of the most controversial and polarizing figures in wrestling today that’s literally booed by most fans every he goes either in The States or abroad in other countries.

Over the past four years, Vince McMahon and WWE have been viciously trying to push Roman Reigns to get him over with the fans in so many ways and it continues to fail. There have been numerous performers whose own pushes have been buried as a result of The WWE’s continued push of Roman Reigns and this is through no fault of Roman Reigns, but The WWE.

Here now are top 5 WWE performers whose pushes have been negatively affected by The WWE’s redundant push of Roman Reigns.

1. Daniel Bryan - Coming into The 2015 Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan was the most popular performer in The WWE and fans were waiting for his appearance and when his music played and he came out, the crowd cheered, but within 11 minutes of him being in the 2015 Royal Rumble, Vince and WWE deliberately buried Bryan by having Bray Wyatt eliminate him for the sake of getting their golden boy Roman Reigns over with the fans. Even WWE booking Roman to go over Bryan at The 2015 Fastlane PPV did absolutely nothing to get him over. When Daniel Bryan was forced into retirement and was later medically cleared, The WWE refused to let him wrestle for two years because they wanted to desperately get Roman over with the fans.

2. Seth Rollins - About a few years ago, Seth Rollins was having one of the best singles runs of his career in 2015 during his eight month reign as WWE champion that started when he cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcases during the first Reigns/Lesnar match winning The WWE Title and having a decent eight month reign feuding with the likes of Randy Orton, fellow Shield members Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, and part-timers like Sting, Brock Lesnar, Kane, and John Cena. But an injury later forced him to vacate The WWE title and when he returned a year later, he was cheered because of fan sympathy, but because WWE wanted to continue pushing Roman as “the top face”, Rollins was deliberately kept heel and even though he’s the current Intercontinental Champion, his momentum hasn’t really been the same since WWE stifled it through their continuous push of Roman Reigns to desperately get him over with the fans.

3. Finn Balor - Finn Balor is one of the founding members of one of the hottest stables in wrestling nowadays called “Bullet Club”. He became the first Universal Champion, but an injury had forced him to vacate The Universal Title, but he vowed to go after the belt upon his return. This year has been very underwhelming for Balor because even though he has great charisma, skill set, and in-ring presence, he was deliberately pushed down to the mid-card and kept out of The Universal Title picture by The WWE so that they can get Roman Reigns over with the fans.

4. Dean Ambrose - Like fellow Shield member Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose was also WWE champion a few years ago on Smackdown. Like Seth, he’s also a fan favorite and when fans refuse to get behind Roman Reigns, WWE used Dean Ambrose as a pawn to play second fiddle for the sake of getting Roman over with the fans once he was traded back to Raw. The WWE has even tried to use The Shield to get Roman over this year with the fans because he is still getting booed by most of the fans at the live events and house shows even when he’s still with The Shield.

5. Bobby Lashley - When Bobby Lashley returned to The WWE after Wrestlemania this year, fans were excited to see him, but WWE decided to deliberately bury Lashley by throwing him in that awful garbage filler “sister” segment which was downright insulting to black men like me. After Lashley beat WWE golden boy Roman Reigns at Not So Extreme Rules, it seemed as though Lashley was finally gonna get a push, but through the WWE’s atrocious 50/50 booking nowadays, they ultimately stifled his push by having their golden boy Roman Reigns get back his win the very next night on Raw. If I were Bobby Lashley, I would request for my release and go back to the place that made him a bigger star: Impact Wrestling.

The Conclusion - As long as WWE continues to give these tiresome redundant pushes to Roman Reigns, the performers and the fans will continue to bear the brunt of it.

By Kwame Shakir
Top 5 WWE Performers Whose Pushes Have Been Negatively Affected By The WWE’s Redundant Push Of Roman Reigns Top 5 WWE Performers Whose Pushes Have Been Negatively Affected By The WWE’s Redundant Push Of Roman Reigns Reviewed by Blerds Online on Monday, October 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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