DITVB Scarlet Order Volume 1 Review: WOLF BOIS

"I've been trying to read and review this series since the first part of Dance in the Vampire Bund ended and I reviewed the series"

7 years has passed since Mina returned to the Bund from being captured by Rozenmann and fleeing through the jungle of Europe. Everything seems to be going fine as Mina is opening up the 2020 Olympics but the world has other plans for her. A Radical group if Evangelicals are calling for the extermination of all Vampire kind. Lead by American extremist, they try to takeover the Stadium only to be thwarted by Mina, Gotoh and Akira.

This was a great way to open up the Volume and second part of the series. We learn that currently Rozenmann, Ivankovic and Li's camps are struggling to stay alive, American religious nuts seem to be the  new threat this season, and everyone has matured into their new roles. Nelly is now taking the void left by Vera who is still encased in her mold. Akira, now older is ahead of his own Beowulf team known as the Wolf Boys. Even Yuki has her own job as the right hand woman of Mina while studying hard in college.

On the negative, America is leading a ban on all things Japan as long as they house the Vampire nation. Similar to the main villain of the Sledghammer spinoff, it seems more and more Christianity story lines will become center fold. I love the world building here. Whatever happens in Japan also effects the rest of the world as it should.  Vampires have become eve more popular with all Vampire idol groups and movies. Japan's economy is thriving off of Vampire kind like no other. I can't wait to see how things play apart moving forward because the extinction of Vampire kind would lead to Japan's economy falling and as the Japanese Prime Minister stated, he doesn't care for Vampires but knows he needs them.

In typical DITVB fashion, there is never just one threat or one moving force. After the fangless are saved from the cave in of mount Fuji, we learn that there is a Vampire who lived down there that saved them. At the same time an old Vampire is  causing trouble in regular society by killing humans in large amounts. From this we meet Mamekichi who I've fallen in love with, who knows the streets because she's been living in Japan for 2,000 years. I really like this character but I feel an ominous vibe from her. Maybe she's hiding more than she leads on or she might be a potential antagonist. 

The volume ends with Akira getting his ass whooped by the Vampire menace before he fleas the scene. I thought this was a very cool volume as it serves as the introductory volume for the series. It is lackluster in terms of urgency compared to previous volumes but still a solid read. 


DITVB Scarlet Order Volume 1 Review: WOLF BOIS DITVB Scarlet Order Volume 1 Review: WOLF BOIS Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Friday, September 14, 2018 Rating: 5

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