Top 10 Anime/Manga This Decade

This is something I've been thinking about for a while now. I dwell over how anime and manga have been weak this decade but in actuality, it has been pretty prosperous. We've had tons of great series that are also very popular and make tons of money. This decade may not be as great as the 80's, 90's, early 00's but it is good. With that being said, here are my favorite series that debuted this decade.

Seven Deadly Sins/Nanatsu no Taizai
Seven Deadly Sins, also known by its Japanese name, Nanatsu no Taizai has reached great success anime and manga wise. It is a battle shounen series yet is more of a battle romance. The action and Romance go hand and hand like a peanut butter and jelly. A Romance manga on the scales of death, love and glory, what more could you ask for. Nakaba Suzuki's drawing is spectacular as he uses shades of black and white to convey action, movement and more importantly feelings. His use of space is something to marvel over. He creates great characters from heroes, villains and even to antiheroes. With the series being mostly a action romance story, I hope this leaves a long lasting impression on future writings that the shonen demographic can be expanded to more than just plain old action and sports.

One-Punch Man
I never expected a series about a man so strong that he kills all his opponents in one punch would be so amazing. One-Punch Man has quickly become one of my favorite series not only of this decade but even of all time. Saitama's wholesome and naive personality clashes well with his powerful stature. The lack of an set and stone story is fine because the story is told through all of the characters that interact with Saitama. Garou is a monster many can relate too while the supporting cast of Fubuki, King and Genos cement the wholesome side of the series that is pretty stenched in fighting and death. It's a fun series with beautiful art that's the best in all of Japanese comics.

Mob Psycho 100
It's not hard to believe that Mob Psycho 100 and One-Punch Man are made by the same person. Mob is a cute and wholesome character that despite his overwhelming psychic powers, just wants to live a normal life as a 14 year old boy. The antics that he gets into thanks to the characters around him are truly hilarious and heartwarming. My favorite scene in the Mob Psycho 100 anime (haven't read the manga yet) is during the final fight against Claw where Mob gives all his powers to Reigen. In that moment Mob learns that there are times where it is completely fine to run away from something you can't handle so long as you've faced it head on. He put all his trust into someone he knew would have his back. Its a cute and heartwarming moment that made me appreciate the series for more than just a comedy with action elements.

Blood Blockade Battlefront/Kekkai Sensen
I'm only 21 but I've been watching anime for my entire life. At this point in time I just want my anime and manga to make me smile without too much elaborate scheming. That stuff is fine because I do love One Piece and Hunter x Hunter but right now I want to smile, Kekkai Sensen makes me smile. Seeing humans and aliens living in this apocalyptic yet fully functioning  New York City is fun. The main character Leo being a weakling blessed with these almost god like eyes just trying to survive is fun. The supporting characters in the crime fighting group Libra makes there endless adventures that the crew embarks on. Seeing Leo with this family of weirdos not only saving the world but going through everyday actions is very pleasing. The animation and soundtrack have been amazing. The series has made me smile on endless occasions while keeping me wanting more.

Hunter x Hunter 2011
While debuting in the 90's, the classic's 2011 reboot was my first to the series. I truly believe that in terms on just anime, no manga counterpart, this is the best anime of all time. Not only is the story pure gold that sinks into your body like lotion, the animation is produced by people who care. The animation stayed top notch while the OST is rose water on a Saturday morning. The way the music plays an equal part in making some scenes tragic, others happy and others downright sad, is beautiful. Hunter x Hunter 2011 is the perfect anime and I wish for more series to be adapted with this level of care.

I'm only halfway through the manga right now but it has had a great impact on me. The art is great as it captures with fighting and intensity well. The story is well thought out with intricate moments that make the series feel as if this could happen in real life. The main character is a dick and I love it. He isn't my favorite character but I do love that this isn't the typical "kid finds out he has powers and must save the earth" type story. Kei is a dick who does not care about what happens to humanity and only does things for the approval that he receives. Seeing him try to save the world only for his own personal gains while struggling to accept basic human needs such as love and attention is very interesting to see.  Once I started reading I was addicted, something I haven't felt from most series in such a long time.

Shokugeki no Soma
I honestly thought I would get tired of seeing high schoolers cook but I didn't. Seeing these characters from different backgrounds cooking food from their culture as well as food from around the world with with their own signature twist has been amazing. Each arc the story takes an even bigger tern introducing new foods, challenges and cooks. As the story progresses I've loved so many characters while having an even better appreciation for food. The art is mind boggling as even though they are competing with food, the art turns into a full on battle with amazing details. I've had so much fun watching and reading Yukihira fight everyone with his poor man's outlook on life.

Kill La Kill
This anime made me smile a million times while still breaking my heart at times. Its over the top story and animation made the series a spectacle to watch whether it was just for the naked aspects or the actual story telling. Through its wild nature the anime made so many great characters who you wished were apart of your actual crew. Despite its faulty premise that Life Fibers are alien technology and the resistance group is a bunch of nudist named Nudist Beach, it created a well thought out story or two orphan girls trying to find their place in the world whether it be among the clouds or below the earth. I had fun watching the events play out and I wish more series took this approach of not being too serious while still having fun.

Prison School
What can I say about the comedy to end all comedies. though I have not finished the manga, the anime made me appreciate not only anime again but comedic, slice of life series. When Prison School aired I was going through an anime drought. I felt as if everything that was being released just was not good. Prison School taught me otherwise. Seeing the characters do over the top things just to live a regular life was immensely hilarious. The facial expressions and  animation made me scream with laughter. Watching the final two episodes I almost died of laughter. It's an over the top series with crazy suspense with a great amount of comedy to match.

Boku no Hero Academia
I've enjoyed this series quite a bit despite my feelings that it doesn't push itself to be more than just "good'.  Horikoshi's art has been amazing. The way he draws with black is so dope to me. Big moments truly feel like big moments with his art. I like the story as it sort of bridges western and eastern comic tropes into this fusion that has been working well. I think the characters are really cool for a superhero comic. 

While making this list I struggled to decide what my favorite series were. I know it will be a harder battle trying to create my early 2000's list because most of my favorite series of all time were released then. 

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    1. SAO is mid and AoT gives me a headache. I wanted to put Aku no Hana on here but it came out in 2009

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