LOONA Worst To Best: Singles

What started off as an ambitious act to debut a girl group yet, many thought the project would fail before it even started. BlockBerry Creative had the bright idea to debut a 12 member Idol Girl Group but over the curse of a year and a half. Each member getting a month to debut and 3 sub units. The group has a prosperous fanbase with good success so far but what makes them so unique is the quality of music. One thing is for sure, each release was different and had a change in pace but which one was the best?

12. Yeojin - Kiss Later
Yeojin seems to get no love from fans as well as the label. Her release is not only the weakest songwriting wise but also very forgettable. Yeojin is a good singer but was given a mediocre song that wasn't last longing. To top it off once the Pop and R&B songs started rolling out, there was no point in gong back to the members who didn't stand out.

11. HaSeul - Let Me In
To be the leader of the group she has one the weakest releases and maybe even the weakest vocals. "Let Me In" is a good track but just like "Kiss Later" its doesn't have longevity. After a while you just don't care to listen to it. "Kiss Later" and "Let Me In" are those tracks in your playlist that you like but never actually listen to.

10. Chuu - Heart Attack
Chuu debuts with a super sweet track that's danceable while being a good pop song. From top to bottom it embodies that sweetly flavored Pop genre without doing anything too extra. Also the B Side track was a banger as well.

9. Olivia Hye - Egoist & Rosy
Olivia did not come to play with us. Not only did she debut with Jinsoul but with Heejin and Gowon as well.  It sucks that she didn't get a solo track but she came strong nonetheless. I love that they kept up the pop songs but far removed from the R&B, Synth Pop that OEC was doing but never dropping in quality. Olivia showed all of her personality here and we love it.

8. Go Won - One & Only
A very cute and poppy song in "One & Only" which was dope but the B Side track  "See Saw" was even better. Chuu, Kim Lip, and Go Won together are stellar. If BlockBerry Creative wanted to create even more sub-units, I'll be here for this one.

7. ViVi - Everyday I Love You
"Everyday I Love You" is that cute song you put on in the car, lower the window and just sing until the sun goes down. All day you just sing this cute ass song. Sometimes I even find myself dancing along to it. Thank you ViVi.

6. Yves - new
Yves has a very good voice that translates well over synth Pop. "new" is a dope and unique song that really stands our compared to all of them.

5. Choerry - Love Cherry Motion
How can this not be top 5? The song is the definition of a bop and I don't even like using that word to describe music. But there is no denying that fact that this is the best pop/dance song of all the releases. I hate that the group is so new/underrated because this should have been a #1.

4. Kim Lip - Eclipse/Twilight
After LOONA 1/3 came out I felt that the group had hit a standstill with me. I wasn't really feeling the album and almost gave up on them. The only reason I stayed on was because Kim Lip's debut was produced by Daniel Obi Klein, who makes some of our favorite songs for Red Velvet, and Cha Cha Malone. The song turned out to be really good. So good that I knew this was a new era for the group and everyone involved with this release nailed it.

3. Hyunjin - Around You
The second strongest singer in the group happened to be the 2nd to debut. Coming off the release of Heejin's single, I was excited for Hyunjin and was not disappointed. "Around You" is a dope mellow pop song with a strong piano presence. Hyunjin's voice is fully utilized here as I thought she was older than her age by just her singing. The song is very catchy and light on the ears.

2. Heejin - ViViD
This was the best song and member to debut first. Heejin pulled me in from the start of the song with her mature voice and charismatic singing. She reminded me of IU a bit. If she where a solo star or gets the chance to have more solo releases, she could be a huge star soon. "ViViD" is great with the piano and drum sets coupled with cool synths and Heejin's beautiful voice. How could one not fall in love from the very start?

1. Jinsoul - Singing In The Rain
How is this not the song of this and last year? It is objectively the best LOONA solo release thus far. I don't even have to hear the song to pour water over myself and start dancing to the lyrics. I could have hot steamy tears rolling down my face and I will still dance until my legs break when listening to it. Jinsoul followed up Kim Lip's reign with an even greater pop song. From the very star you can feel the synths enter your body with a mission to explode with euphoria shinning down on your cells. Hit a sharp turn in your car with the chorus blasting, its like driving into heaven.

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