Album Review: Kanye West - Ye

That's right, I listened to the new Kanye West album. I'm not boycotting it. My one time play through earned Kanye less than a dollar. Don't you dare yell at me, yell at whoever is buying the Mad Max style clothes he's selling. Kanye always says some stupid crap when his album is going to drop, then walks it back, like he did on this one. I don't care, I listened to it so you didn't have to. Without further explanation lets get on with it.

Lyrically he's not there at all. He's just rambling and trying to explain all the stupid stuff he's said in tweets and on TMZ. There's no real content to this. He also expects us to feel bad for him and just accept it. We get it, 38 year old 8 year old with rich nigga problems. You can tell Consequence wasn't in the studio for this one because Kanye said:
Let me hit it raw like fuck the outcome, none of us would be here without cum
Nah Kanye, not at all. Two words, scrap that. You're bipolar, we know. If you've ever been around someone in your day to day life who is bipolar and they're not being treated sometimes they'll have days when they just ramble for hours and they won't really be saying a damn thing. Also, there's moments when his content hinges on "what if I'm the next Russell Simmons," or if Kim leaves him. That's what this whole album sounds like lyrically. But Kanye has never been the greatest of lyricist, I don't don't care what people tell you.

It's not like you're going to be getting any flows here either. If you like spoken word and off key singing with some autotune you're going to be really happy. If not, well, the good news is the album is only twenty minutes, like wow.

Kanye West is a great producer when he wants to be. Clearly You got a 7 track album and 5 tracks have samples, also, none of the features are credited on the album. It doesn't matter if you're Kid Cudi, Nicki Minaj, Charlie Wilson or whoever, Kanye will not credit you.

I hate this album, before now Yeezus was my least favorite album but at least that had tracks I enjoyed. This just sounds like he recorded it the night before and had to turn something in. "Ghost Town," could be the only thing I would consider a maybe because it sounds like a Kid Cudi song that Kanye just added a verse to. Just throw the whole rapper away.

I feel bad because this isn't as in depth of a review as previous reviews I've done. I just really really hate this album. I usually play an album 2-3 times before I start writing review and I just couldn't even be bothered to press play to listen to it again. I will never go back to listen to it. I will never even go back to hear certain tracks. I'm not even touching on all the stupid stuff he said. This is getting good reviews just because he's Kanye. When we rank Kanye's discography this one falls right into the trash. I can not stress enough how displeasing this one was to me. Don't listen to it, not as a boycott or anything, but because it's not good and you will waste twenty minutes of your life. This is a warning.

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Album Review: Kanye West - Ye Album Review: Kanye West - Ye Reviewed by Blerds Online on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 Rating: 5

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