Flame of Recca Volume 31 Review: These Clones Wildin

Chapters 300-309

"I hate this series so damn much"

The only thing I wished for was for the final fight between Tokiya and Meguri Kyouza to be an amazing showing. It was 3 seconds. They talked and the old mad died from being old. We learn that he is actually Tokiya's grandfather, Mifuyu was also a user of Ensui which is weird because she was killed by a basic knife. How are you a swordsman but you die from a basic knife? What sense does this make. The fight was terrible. The revealing of the story was mediocre and cliche. Tokiya, who usually has good fights now has the weakest fight of all time.

Kurei comes in contact with Renge who he utterly shames. Not only is Renge weak but also useless. Kurei could have killed her but she escaped to Koran. I feel Mori will absorb her to gain her flame. Something to put him on a higher footing than Recca and Kurei which would lead them to working together. Regardless Renge is a boring character.

Recca approaches Aoi which is annoying because no one on this Island except for Koran and Kurei are strong enough to fight Recca. Watching this fight happen is like watching a Rabbit try to square up with a lion. And of course the fight barely happens as Reca Talk No Jutsu's Aoi into living through the pain. Also, how convenient is it that right before the final battle, Recca has to go back to see his father to master the last flame. This is just like Bleach. Right before the final its time to have a mini training arc to make sure the main character wins.

At this point I'm reading because we have 20 chapters left which means to more reviews and we're done. There is no fear in me when reading this series. I know Kurei and Recca will win not because they are the good guys but because this series doesn't have consequences. 

Flame of Recca Volume 31 Review: These Clones Wildin Flame of Recca Volume 31 Review: These Clones Wildin Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Saturday, March 03, 2018 Rating: 5

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