Anime and Manga Isn't The Same, And it Probably Won't Be For A While

I'm 20 in my second year of college. When I was in high school, especially my sophomore year, Anime and Manga were amazing. Now I think as a whole, Anime and Manga haven't been in their prime since about 2011 but even after that, before 2016, these genres were still pretty good. On Wednesdays my friends and I would rush to our Engineering class that was also a computer lab during lunch to read the latest chapters. That was back when Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Toriko, Beelzebub, Kuroko No Basket were still ongoing series. Now only One Piece stands. But those Wednesdays, those were some of the best days ever. Bleach was in the beginning of the 1,000 Year Blood Arc and it was fire. One Piece was early Dressrosa. Naruto was in the middle of the war so it was having it's great and mediocre chapters. Beelzebub was just entering its last arc which started off so good. Toriko was badass of course. but being able to read those top quality series with friends every Wednesday was cool.

These days we don't get that, regardless of us being in different states due to college but when chapters come out, we don't really discuss it. One Piece is in an amazing arc but each chapter isn't worth talking about. Everything else I mentioned is finished and not all of my friends read Magi, Gintama and Boku No Hero Academia for us to discuss it. When I'm talking to people online it's cool but I have no energy to keep up with these series on a weekly basis. Whether I'm busy or not, reading week to week isn't fun if only two or three series are good and everything else is either boring or trash.

I've noticed that people my age and above who love Anime and Manga are not that interested in it any more. That spark that kept us watching or reading every week is nearly gone. When Hunter x Hunter was still airing those Tuesdays were amazing. Anitwitter was always hype for it. Even people who hated it were always talking about how much they hated it on Tuesdays. The discussions were cool to come home from school to. Except for Boku No Hero, there is no other Anime that gets me, my friends or the timeline heated any more. You can count DB Super but that's because Super is partially ass.

Anime and Manga currently are stale, You've got these couple of series that are amazing like Boku No Hero, OnePunch Man, and a few other but it only comes out to a handful. We used to be over saturated when it came to these genres but now its scarce. If you're like me, someone who binges anime and manga years ago and has seen all of the most talked about and great series, there is nothing left that is "a must see". all that's left is a couple of "I could watch it but I don't need to". Once you've watched, read all of the premier series, what's left to watch. Do we wait for a couple more Boku no Hero's to spring up all at once or just keep trudging along each year with that one popular series? Anime and Manga won't be, as a whole, great again for years to come as it seems. We're just waiting for another "Golden Age" of Anime and Manga.

Anime and Manga Isn't The Same, And it Probably Won't Be For A While Anime and Manga Isn't The Same, And it Probably Won't Be For A While Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. I agree. 2011- 2013 was super lit anime and manga wise. Now.. Eh.. I hope so good stuff comes out soon or we might be waiting for a bit- Tai

    1. all the good stuff is trickled in so slowly


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