WWE What If Story: Bray Wyatt vs Sister Abigail

Ever since Bray Wyatt and his family of brothers stepped onto the scene, he's spouting these prophets and riddles and a ton of them lead back to the beloved Sister Abigail. We've never seen her and have no grasp of what she may be like. As a wrestling fan, I watch more than WWE so I was thinking "if WWE did want to use Sister Abigail, who would it be? I came to the conclusion that it could only be two people but one is already in the WWE as Nikki Cross in the stable Sanity. The other is current Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion, Rosemary.

Now to give a short explanation as to who Rosemary is, she's the female Bray Wyatt. She led the stable Decay with members Crazy Steve and Abyss before the stable disbanded. Now Roseamary is great in the ring, embodies her character as if she was born this way and cuts great promos. She deserves to be Sister Abigail. Now here is how the story would go. After Brock Lesnar beats Samoa Joe at Great Balls Of Fire, he faces Bray Wyatt next. Lesnar beat Wyatt and after Wyatt has a melt down. He realizes he isn't eh prophet the people deserves as he's weak after losing so much. He lost the Wyatt Family, The WWE Championship, and finally lost a chance at being the Universal Champion. The next night on Raw after whatever PPV Bray loses at, he cuts a promo of how he's lost and needs to reconnect with Sister Abigail.

Eventually this happens when he goes to an abandoned building where "It all began" begging to see his Sister. Magical stuff but no one shows. The next week on Raw, Bray stumbles to the ring lifeless and collapse as he dyingly speaks of Sister Abigail. The lights go out and when they come back on, a womanly figure stands in the center of the ring in a white gown covering her face. Bray jumps to his feet in admiration as the women unveils her face revealing it to be Rosemary. She speaks in riddles of higher power and what not. Bray asks where she has been during his descent and why she hasn't answered him. He wonders if he truly has fallen from her grace.

Now in Impact, at that time it could still be considered TNA. Rosemary and Decay feuded with Jimmy Hart for a short time as Hart played the ex lover of Rosemary. We didn't see much after he was defeated by Abyss in a match but Hart will come into play later on. Back to Rosemary, she answers Bray's question of where she's been. She says that Bray is her greatest creation.  Because of that, Bray didn't need her help so she went on to help other lost souls, this refers to Decay and what she had going on with Jimmy Hart and even when he tried to obtain Brahm. She then says that Bray needs her now for the first time in years.

Bray and Rosemary reunite and are going on a tear of the locker room but Bray is not happy. He is not fulfilled because Rosemary is not interested in building a new family and asserting dominance but in material matters such as the Women's championship and the riches awarded with being a champion. Bray realizes that the title is what eventually lead him to his miserable fate. Going after the WWE Championship cost him the Wyatt Family and his losses on the main roster. Greed lead him to despair and he doesn't want this to happen to Rosemary. He disagrees and tells Bray to stay in his place. After getting a title shot with Alexa Bliss, Rosemary is about to capture the title, Bray interferes and costs her the match. Infuriated she slaps him and leaves.

Two weeks pass and no sign of Rosemary. Finally she appears to Bray Wyatt in Raw but she comes with help. Rosemary brainwashed Braun Strowman, Eric Rowan and Luke Harper to destroy Wyatt. They jump him in the ring and Wyatt barely escapes. A match is set for the next PPV, a Gauntlet Match. The odds are stacked against Bray as he has to face his former bothers back behind the Women who created them all. A week before the match, Wyatt is back at the abandoned building where "it all began". A silhouette shows and reveals himself to be Jimmy Hart. He tells Bray that Rosemary is unstable and needs rest from her tyrants. He says that she's not the Rosemary who blessed them. Jimmy knows Bray can't win as he is so he gives Bray some gifts.

Currently Crazy Steve has left Impact and Abyss is back to being his human, normal, counterpart Joseph Parks. In a sense, Abyss and Crazy Steve are dead. Jimmy Hart hands Bray the blood of Crazy Steve and the Soul of Abyss. He then tells Bray that its still not enough so he tells him to absorb him. Jimmy Hart tells Bray Wyatt he needs to absorb him in order to stand a chance against Rosemary. Bray does that. Bray drinks the blood of Crazy Steve and absorbs Abyss' soul and all of Jimmy Hart.

Bray walks in tot he Gauntlet match strong. He faces each member and at one point all at once. In order to defeat them he had to pin each member as well as having to rewrite their brains with his magic. Yes this happens. Once Bray wins, Rosemary steps into the ring. they have a stare down and somehow, WWE edits in some magical fight that Bray eventually wins destroying Rosemary's brain. bray wins, he becomes the all mighty power in WWE until Broken Matt Hardy comes around. Bray Wyatt buries Rosemary's body where "it all began". Before departing, Wyatt says some philosophical metaphor as the ghost of Jimmy Hart is seen in the sky smiling. Great way to end an anime.

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