Flame of Recca Volume 12 Review: Real Gs in the House

Chapters 108-117

I was let down. I liked this volume, I thought it was good but there are a few things that erk me. Domon once again is the butt of are jokes. First he’s putting in work but once we find out who Noroi is and what his Madogu is, Domon turn into a bitch. Then he swallows the Madogu the old bastard gave him which turns the user to stone but Domon doesn’t know how to use it so it wears off before he could do anything. The ending to this fight was trash. The whole fight was trash. Anzai obviously doesn’t know how to draw long fights because all of these fights are short with lots of standing around. On top of that they all win with one final attack. Lame.

After Noroi’s defeat, Kurei has to show up and then he does. He tells Joker that’s he’s sneaky because he was supposed to kill Kaoru and not Saicho but it doesn’t matter because Saicho was garbage anyway. There is some truth to that. But the most interesting point made was that besides Recca, Kurei respects Kaoru the most, but why. What is it that Kaoru posses that Kurei likes? I think, just maybe, that Kurei sees Kaoru as a little brother. Kurei could have killed Kaoru so many times before this point but he never did it. Kurei loves Kaoru.

The old creepy man stripped Recca of his Dragons before Tokiya’s match because Recca wouldn’t come train with him. Once Recca agrees he goes inside this mirror that the old man created which is actually inside of Recca. Then the human forms of Nadare and Saiha show up to test Recca again before going back into his body. See, I was interested in this but then it went to waste. Recca barely did anything to get Homura, Nadare, and Saiha back on his side,All he did was block two attacks and create a sneak attack. This training is ass. I finally get a training “arc” and its ass.I hope this man dies. Also the old man seems to be a Dragon himself but that would be stupid because how did he come out of Recca’s body, how and why does he know so much about the other members of Hokage if the Dragons barely care about Recca, and just why? On a scale from 1 to 10, how much biting has Anzai done to Togashi? That is the question for this week.

Tokiya’s fight against Kai is heating up just as the volume is closing. I pray to god that this is actually a decent fight and not one sided until Tokiya figures out how to beat Kai mid fight. Also, why does Neon know so much about Ensui? Hasn’t she had enough of meddling in other people’s business? Let us applaud Kai for being black with dreads and being one of the strongest in the story so far. We need to let a real G shine for a minute as it seems only the villains are worth anything in this series. I hate Recca.

Flame of Recca Volume 12 Review: Real Gs in the House Flame of Recca Volume 12 Review: Real Gs in the House Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Saturday, June 17, 2017 Rating: 5

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