Flame of Recca Volume 9 Review: Darkness Comes

Chapters 78-87

So, I sense a Neon face turn, meaning she’s probably going to be a good guy soon.
For some odd reason she actually cares about her team mates even though she really wanted to kill Kaoru and she ended Genjuro’s career in an instant. I guess Recca saving her life also changed her life for the better. I find it hard to believe that she cares about Magensha killing Jisho when they were all going to face each other at some point.

So with the Idaten, Recca tries to cure his mother of the curse she placed onto herself. It didn't work but it was as sweet moment. I not only wish there was more of this but I also wish there was more development into their relationship because I feel that these moments could tug at my heartstrings instead of just making me smile a little. So before they fight team Circus, the last remaining member of the team, Yashiro decides to forfeit. I just wanna say that his character design is pretty damn cool but the way his face was drawn was nice.

Yashiro explains that his entire team was killed to this point but he can’t get revenge because he’s only one man on his last leg. He manages to get the entire Bloc A crowd behind team Hokage. Then he goes into the hallway to die. That was a great way to start the volume. I was emotionally invested into his story and was sad to see him die. Wish we had this type of development for the main cast. I noticed that the tone so far is getting darker as we enter the finals of the tournament. We’re getting to see more important people die along with the one we don’t care.

So, I thought team Uruha Ma would be stronger as they are fearsome. Once their weapons were figured out, Tsukihiro and Kashamaru were easily defeated. I’m convinced that no one in this series is actually strong except Kurei and Ku. Everyone else relies heavily on their Madogu but can’t fight worth shit. Fuck these people. Now we move on to Fuko vs Gashakura after Gashakura bodied Recca like he was a rag. Kaoru vs Tsukihiro started off nice so hopefully Fuko’s fight starts off nice and ends great.

Good volume, probably the best so far. The emotion was clearly here but not from the main cast. So, if you had Tsukihiro’s Madogu, what would you do?

Flame of Recca Volume 9 Review: Darkness Comes Flame of Recca Volume 9 Review: Darkness Comes Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Friday, May 19, 2017 Rating: 5

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