Full Metal Alchemist is the GOAT

It's hard for some people to get into Anime. There is a lot that can turn new viewers off if they're not introduced to the medium properly. Whenever someone asks me what my favorite Anime is, I never have to think about it for long. While many prefer the original Full Metal Alchemist Anime, I prefer the second series Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood for a variety of reasons. For starters the art and animation are fantastic. This Anime came out in 2009, and it still looks better than most of the Anime out today. The series stars two brothers who are on a journey to find the Philosopher's Stone to heal their injuries after a failed attempt to bring their mother back to life using the power of alchemy.

The series quickly expands, however, and the viewers are treated to a story that deals with oppression, personal failure, and the bond between family. The series carefully balances action, adventure, comedy and drama. One particular storyline that was fantastic was when certain soldier characters had to deal with the guilt due to war crimes that they committed. The show chooses to put a spotlight on imperialism and oppression and show the impact it has on society.

One thing that makes Full Metal Alchemist unique is that is has a clear beginning, middle, and an end. Most Anime shows either run for 13 episodes and have a rushed conclusion or the run for hundreds of episodes but include "filler". "Filler" is content that is put into an Anime that does not appear in the original Manga story.  For example, Naruto, Bleach and One Piece all have pacing issues due to "filler". Full Metal Alchemist tells a plot focused robust story in 64 episodes. In addition, the show has a satisfying conclusion were all important plot threads are wrapped up. I've watched so many shows were important questions were never answered, and I feel frustrated as a viewer. Full Metal  Alchemist is refreshing because it misses so many Anime pitfalls.

The action is some of the best in the genre. Characters can do everything from manipulating fire to moving at supersonic speeds and transforming entire environments into weapons. The show also has stakes. Characters rarely die but, when they do the deaths have importance. There are no Dragonballs and reanimation techniques in the show. This leads to a universe where characters can do amazing things, but death and injuries still hold plot relevance.

It's hard for many people to get into Anime. Many shows have problems that can turn new viewers off. Many shows are plagued by bad pacing, overused tropes and over the top fanservice. Full Metal Alchemist is a show that almost anyone can enjoy. The characters are compelling, the larger story is engaging, and the ending is satisfying. If you have a friend that's not into Anime. Full Metal Alchemist is an excellent way to get them into the medium.

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