Strawberry 100% Volume 6 Review - The Betrayel Of Satsuki

Chapters 45-53

So this volume definitely had some slobber knockers in it. The beginning on the other had was pretty boring. The idea of them playing hide and seek was pretty fun but it didn't turn out enjoyable. The moment of Junpei and Yui sharing the same hiding spot was cool but what happened after was just bland. Junpei ended up crying in the end and it made him look like a bitch in general compared to his previous bitch moments being comical. The first chapter was really a send off for Yui but then that didn't matter because she came back later on. Just weird.

So we move on and a new character has been introduced. This guy is supposed to be the bridge between Aya and Junpei like Satsuki. The difference between the two is that he's annoying. He burns Junpei for groping Aya but he's the real pervert. He just walks around town looking for Women to save. Creep much. I don't like this character. It isn't because of the nature of his character but that fact hat the entire volume, his role was very unimportant. He didn't do what he was brought to do. I was waiting the whole volume for him and Satsuki to team up and when it did he didn't do much. He did save Junpei but he would have gotten out of that somehow.

This did nothing

Now lets talk about how Satsuki betrayed me. She straight up lies to Aya and Amachi and then walked away like life is easy. You expect these moments in this type of series but she went on full heel mode. She could never be face again. These are wrestling jokes. Later on she really tried it with trying to take Junpei's V Card. Now usually in these situations I would say Junpei is a (Justhis voice) little bitch but I was rooting for him. What he and Aya have at the moment is pretty good. Things aren't too awkward and they can have normal conversation's. Satsuki was not fucking that up for me. She's really laying it on the line with her body and that just isn't enough. I may have lost a fave character here. Yui came back just so Tsukasa could reappear. Why. At least

New hair new Her
We are at volume 6 and at this rate Aya and Junpei could be dating by the end of 7. Please let this happen. Just not let this manga be too cliche and wait to the very end for them to be together.Let them date then break up due to interference and then get back together. A boy can dream right? This was good volume. Amachi needs to become relevant or he just needs to come, he isn't even annoying for the plot but just annoying all round. Fuck this dude. Hopefully in volume 7 more great things happen. Sorry thus was late, I was super busy. Next week will be on time.

Square headed, nugget head ass lady LOOKIN and SHIT

Strawberry 100% Volume 6 Review - The Betrayel Of Satsuki Strawberry 100% Volume 6 Review - The Betrayel Of Satsuki Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Sunday, March 13, 2016 Rating: 5

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